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German scientists explode the resounding surprise about the origin of the Corona virus! Saudi Arabia.. The Royal Court clarified the health condition that prevented the Crown Prince from attending the Arab summit in Algeria following his doctors’ advice to avoid travel.. Mohammed bin Salman apologizes to Taboun for not attending the Arab summit with the Algerian Defense Minister : London is ready to help Moscow and kyiv reach an agreement on a ceasefire Russian Defense Minister and his American counterpart to discuss the situation in Ukraine by phone. Shoigu warned his French, Turkish and British counterparts against the possible use of “dirty bombs” by kyiv In Ukraine, the media revealed the difference in views of Biden and Kissinger on relations with Russia and the crisis in Ukraine An official The The US has revealed a unique way to cripple Kyiv’s forces and force them to surrender In one fell swoop, “an estimated bill in the millions of dollars”. 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Salah and Benzema surprise Al-Sheikh during Riyadh (video) RT Reporter: An unidentified missile strike targets the US oil base Al-Omar in eastern Syria. Israel’s Supreme Court rejected petitions against the maritime border demarcation agreement with Lebanon. On Twitter, under the name “Saudi Arabia in Hebrew,” the Ukrainian prisoner raises questions: Western trainers have trained Ukrainians for years in acts of sabotage. 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Death sentence for those accused of detonating a car bomb H Ochstein: The signing of the maritime agreement between Lebanon and Israel will take place next Thursday (video) Time Magazine: Dose- dozens of “Starlink” foods smuggled into Iran (video) Gaullist party leader: French army is in serious danger because of Ukraine French Party leader: Biden and his team are ready to blow up the situation in Ukraine to win the election in midterm Washington, London and Paris reject Russian warning that Kyiv is ready to use “dirty bomb” Report: Washington asks Turkey to withdraw “Hay’ sa Tahrir al-Sham” from Afrin Judge and fails (video )

A study by three German scientists showed that they found evidence of a laboratory origin for the Corona virus, and that 99.9% of the virus was created and produced in a laboratory.

“Our results show that this virus is 99.9% manufactured and may be a manipulated version of it,” said Valentin Bruthell, one of the study participants, who received his PhD in immunology in 2022, in German TV channel “n-tv”. .Natural viruses.

He pointed out that the Corona virus is a genetically modified virus.

Protel explained that the methods used to make the Corona virus are also used in a similar way by specialized viral laboratories to make synthetic viruses.

Protel said he also uses these techniques in his day-to-day work, but is looking to develop “completely harmless” protein drugs to treat autoimmune diseases.

According to three German scientists, they found a kind of “fingerprint” in the “Sars-CoV-2” genome, and Protel explained that this is a pattern that is regularly repeated in the genome of the virus, and said that the laboratories that genetically modified DNA virus such as the “Sars-CoV-2” virus. First, genetic material is assembled from individual DNA building blocks, and unique patterns remain near the intersections of these “building blocks.”
Brutil and his colleagues compared the genomes of known synthetic viruses and natural viruses, and showed that in natural viruses, recognition sites are completely randomly distributed, while in synthetic sites they are always they appear in a certain pattern, and this pattern is also present in the “Sars-CoV-2” Virus, but not in similar Viruses.

Source: RIA Novosti

Source: Arabic RT

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