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Ways to adapt the body to climate change by following your doctors advice to avoid travel. Mohammed bin Salman apologizes to Tebboune for not attending Arab summit in Algeria A US official has revealed a unique way to cripple Kyiv’s forces and force them to surrender to Russia’s demands. Gabon prevents Lithuania and Romania from attending a Security Council meeting in Ukraine French policy: The president of the European Commission is crazy and should be jailed after his statement on Ukraine: “We’re going to blow up the oil fields. 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Ekaterina Demyanovskaya, a neurologist, revealed what people affected by a sudden increase or decrease in temperature should do.

In an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”, the specialist revealed what should be done to mitigate the body’s negative reactions to climate change.

He added that the increased sensitivity is caused by a defect in the autonomic nervous system. They ensure that the body adapts to constantly changing environmental factors. In urban conditions, temperature differences are less noticeable, so people’s adaptation to climate changes is not good.

“Usually, a change in weather is accompanied by rapid changes in the production of hormones in the body, the content of platelets in the blood, blood coagulation and the activity of enzymes. This is a type of reaction that protects against adverse environmental conditions, but in people with chronic diseases, this process is delayed, does not occur, or occurs excessively.

According to him, climate change is particularly affected by patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, psycho-emotional disorders, bronchial diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints and spine. Therefore, to weaken the effect of weather conditions on the body, it is necessary, first of all, to seek a complete cure for chronic diseases.
He says: “In case of unfavorable weather forecast, and to correct the manifestations of allergies that have already occurred, emergency precautions should be taken against these changes. For example, if the weather is getting colder outside, the so-called distraction is effective. : hot foot bath, contrast shower, and exercise. Before the start of the intense heating season, physical exercises that help saturate the body with oxygen are recommended: running, walking, and aerobic exercise in the open air.

And he added, and in home conditions you should work to increase the body’s resistance, follow a healthy and balanced diet, follow the system of work and rest, pay attention to physical activity, and it is necessary to be in the fresh air. .

Source: “Izvestia” newspaper.

Source: Arabic RT

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