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Doctors warn of the danger of “running addiction”! “The wrath of God.” Polyansky commented on the flight of dense flocks of crows over the neighborhoods of Kyiv. Egypt bans tourism companies from trading in foreign currencies “after Sisi’s speech about the US disaster.” An expert has revealed a scheme between Egypt and Russia that makes the dollar “worthless”. The latest developments and effects of the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 01/25/2023/ Egypt showed its most famous hotel to Arabs and foreigners, a new official movement in Egypt against the Netherlands and Sweden after the burning the Holy Quran did not sleep. from the eyes” and brought about the end of a “nuclear war” between the two countries The Wall Street Journal: Washington is set to announce the delivery of “Abrams” tanks to Ukraine this week Khashoggi escalates the crisis between of the director of the “Washington Post” and a former US Secretary of State. “The confrontation intensified.” Ukrainian forces are moving available reinforcements to Zaporozhye. Egypt offers its land for sale in dollars. Egypt.. A huge fraud by selling gold that does not meet specifications. In Turki Al-Faisal’s comment on the burning of the Koran in Sweden, Israel is guarding an effective weapon in the possession of Egypt “Der Spiegel”: Germany has decided to give Ukraine Leopard 2 main battle tanks Putin: Russia produces more than the US missiles like “Patriot” and Russian air defense is the best in the world American agency revealed the cause of the crash of the “Max” plane after taking off from Ethiopia Moscow will consider the use of uranium-tipped missiles “Leopard-2” by Kyiv as a nuclear weapons uses dirty bombs. Countries associated with NATO terrorist organizations provoke communication sites what Zhirinovsky said about Erdogan. Did Egypt sink it? Israel announced the details of the loss of the “Achi Dikar” submarine. Warehouse guard, killed by a camel Problems in Russia (video) Former Pentagon adviser: Washington knows the imminent defeat for Kyiv Media: Secret documents taken from the home of former US Vice President Mike Pence “The situation of the dollar will change in Egypt”. New weapon preparing to appear in Egyptian skies. Putin: US forces in Germany are occupation forces. Peskov revealed the last conversation between Putin and Zelensky because of the accusation of “conspiracy.” Ronaldo threatened with suspension for a long time (photo) Medvedev: I want to disappoint them … Russia has too much ammunition and weapons. The British government sold a company to a Russian businessman for one Egyptian pound. Its Withdrawal From NATO Saudi Monarch Issues Royal Order To 51 Judges On Embassy Complaints Board Russian Woman Calls Germany’s Decision To Supply Tanks To Ukraine Very Dangerous Medvedev Asks Biden And Schultz For Wisdom And Stopping The Nuclear Clock Latest Developments of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and its sounds in the afternoon hours, the Saudi company is preparing to open a large factory in Egypt Hungarian Defense Minister: Our Air Force and Air Defense In high alert, details of the Saudi victory offer to Modric , an American journalist explained the plan that Washington is preparing for Russia and Germany, a former adviser to the Pentagon: Ukraine lost 3 times more than it lost in Vietnam , Germany agreed to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, amid welcome from Britain, France and Poland, the Russian Duma West warned of the consequences of giving tanks to Ukraine. Crows sing over Kyiv (video) High blood pressure drug shows ability to slow aging and extend life Pushilin: Russian forces advance in Artyomovsk Pope Francis on anti-gay laws: Distinguish between sin and sin Rhyme! The latest developments and effects of the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 01.24.2023/ Rogov: Russian forces managed to reconnoitre and reveal the location of the first defenses of the Ukrainian forces in Zaporozhye. His commander managed to get off.. Rwandan forces shoot down a Congolese military plane (video) A footballer removes the goals of his “traitor” wife in a strange way (video) The Russian army advances to the front line in the Republic of Donetsk Media: The resignation of the Prime Minister of Ukraine is expected in the context of the Saudi corruption scandals A new tax system in the government “kitchen” A declaration of war in the pocket of an ambassador! Walla’s Hebrew website: “a coup” in Israel! The Russian frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” hit a target 900 km away with a Tsirkon hypersonic missile. Former Israeli Foreign Minister: Ukraine will not win and must start negotiating with numbers. How did the new Suez Canal affect Egypt’s economy in 7 years? Russian Expert: Russia Destroys 23 Enemy Armies On 4 Fronts In Year European Party Results In Fiery Clash “Alternative For Germany” Party: Sending Tanks To Kyiv Is Theft From Dutch German Army (Video ) If Macron Reads This, He Will Change His Own Mind .. “The Wizard of the Kremlin” is causing concern in Western circles about the future of Ukraine. There is no place for an “apple” on the table of the president of Belarus after 30 years have passed. A woman accused boxing legend Tyson of raping her in his car, “Mossad” mystery And the legend of Masada! “Your books destroy the morale of students”!.. Closes doors to big library in Sudan Lebanese Hezbollah builds watchtowers twice as high as Israel’s border wall Zakharova : Administrative changes needed in Kyiv so the “gang” can carry out external orders The upgraded T- 80 tank The Russians have officially arrived on the Ukrainian front. Barcelona women are excluded from the Spanish Cup, despite their 9-0 win over Osasuna! Clarification of the Russian Foreign Ministry on what Polyansky said: Washington’s statements were sincere and the truth cannot be ignored German Defense Ministry: We will deliver Leopard 2 tanks to Kyiv no later than 4 months Peskov: The tank Westerners Are Burning Too The New York Times: Commander -in-Chief of Ukrainian Armed Forces inherits big money in United States after global health warning. An Egyptian Official Comments On “Poisons” From Cough Medicines In The Country! Ankara halts tripartite talks with Sweden and Finland on NATO membership Russian and Syrian troops open “Al-Jarrah” airport in northern Syria after its restoration 27 “After 12 years… What about the Egyptian revolution in 2011 ? (Photos) Egypt planted meat?.. A proposal that has sparked great controversy The first real test for Ronaldo.. The date of the meeting between Al-Nasr and Al-Ittihad in the semifinals of the Super Saudi Arabia Egypt. A CT scan of the “golden child’s” mummy reveals 49 precious hidden amulets

Runners who take to the streets to escape their problems may be at risk of addiction.

One in four casual runners show signs of addiction: missing time with loved ones to run and experiencing withdrawal symptoms when unable to run.

And a study now shows what types of people may be at risk.

The research, which included 227 recreational runners, found the strongest correlation between exercise addiction for former runners and inhibiting negative thoughts.

And people who used to run to improve their lives are more likely to become addicted.

Frode Sttensing, who led the study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, said: “People who can only run to escape their problems will find that it is bad for them. They have less control over their running if they use it as a coping strategy. , so that they become addicted and even feel shame and depression afterwards. Run.”

The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, surveyed runners about their health, symptoms of exercise addiction, and escapist attitudes about running.

Participants who ran two to 15 hours a week were found to be less satisfied with their lives than if they ran to escape their problems.

The questionnaire given to the participants judged their attitude towards running based on how much they agreed with 11 statements about how they felt when running. And those who used to run for a positive outlet were more likely to agree with statements like, “I’m full of positive energy that carries over into other areas of my life.”

Attitudes were associated with some degree of exercise addiction, but people who used running as a negative outlet showed stronger signs of an unhealthy obsession with running.

This was judged by statements such as “I cannot reduce the amount of time I run” and “I would rather play sports than spend time with family or friends.”

“These findings may help people understand their motivations when they run,” said Dr. Stenseng.

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Arabic RT

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