Politicians in the Zionist occupation state were disappointed and desperate after international media reported a picture of the Palestinian flag flying from a small drone over the “March of Israeli Flags” in the occupied city of Jerusalem on Sunday. morning, May 29. This waving flag provoked the anger and frenzy of the education government, as described by Israeli analysts, to ignite an identity conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian sides. .

The Education Government’s Legislation Committee approved a bill banning the hoisting of the Palestinian flag at government-funded institutions and bodies, including educational institutions, universities and Arab schools in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The project was led by right-wing Zionist Likud MP Eli Cohen, who justified the project as a desire to “end the perversions and incitement against the people of Israel by an oppressed group of Arab citizens. , ”As he said. He added: “It is unreasonable for Palestinian Arabs to demand budgets from the government, and in return they are showing rebellion against the state and violating its sovereignty. If they consider themselves Palestinians, let them leave and move to live in Gaza. . ”
This issue was previously raised in recent weeks and widely discussed within the enemy entity following demonstrations at Ben Gurion University in Beersheba, after Palestinian students raised Palestinian flags to commemorate the Nakba, which enraged the Jewish students who beat them, requiring the intervention of the enemy police to stop. this event. At a similar event at Tel Aviv University, where some Palestinian students celebrated the 74th anniversary of the Nakba, raised the Palestinian flag and sang the national anthems, Zionist groups attacked them and raised banner that reads “Nakba is a lie.” Following these incidents, Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman threatened to stop funding university budgets that allow Arab students to fly Palestinian flags. Israel’s Minister of State for Education and Higher Education, Yifat Biton, also summoned the rectors of Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion universities to reprimand them for allowing them to organize events for Arab student.

What is the reason for infecting the opponent with the madness and phobia of Palestinian science (Flagophobia-P)?
Israeli political writer Orly Noy says that “there are two explanations for Israel’s madness over the Palestinian flag, both tied to the deep DNA of the Zionist regime since its inception, aimed at confronting opponents in every aspect. of culture, identity, heritage of place and land and falsification of history. Another explanation is the immediate need to touch the enemy, to cultivate an attitude of eternal sacrifice in which the name of Israel commits all crimes and actions, and the Israelis are looking for a near and easy enemy. who is easy to hit, who is Palestinian. flag.
In early June, an Israeli opposition bill banning the raising of Palestinian flags at state -funded institutions, including universities, was approved in a preliminary reading in the Knesset. And Hebrew websites reported that “coalition members were given the freedom to vote. The resolution was supported by 63 deputies, 16 deputies opposed. These websites added: “What is remarkable about what happened was that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett supported the proposal put forward by the opposition, as well as other members of the government coalition. Representatives of the Yesh Atid party, led by Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, with the exception of Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy, were not present at the polls.
This unfair law represents a major change in the “legal status” of the Palestinian flag as it is also the flag of the Palestinian Authority (according to the Oslo Accords), but the increasing shift of education to the right has resulted in raised in “Israeli public institutions” such as universities or public roads, a reason for racist incitement. In the video, former rival Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “The Israeli flag has won today. We turn Israel to the right; We were able to pass the law with a very large majority, and this is an important day for the State of Israel and the future state of the Jews. ”
This disease, the phobia of Palestinian science, attests to the racism of occupation and its inability to destroy Palestinian identity after seven decades of land occupation. The Zionist Knesset’s decision aims to break the narratives about democracy and free speech glorified by this arrogant entity in international forums by claiming that it is the only democratic country in the Middle East. In the eyes of many Israelis and their international supporters (even those who may criticize the policies of the Israeli state), Israel is, after all, a benign democracy that seeks peace with its neighbors and ensures equality. -equal for all its citizens. But reality proves that it is a reckless and fragile criminal organization that fears the Palestinian flag, constantly reminding them that they are strangers in the land of Palestine.