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The contemporary art fairs ARCOlisboa and JustLX open this Thursday in the capital

ARCOlisboa will award the Apertura Lisboa Award for the fourth time and JustLX will present works by a hundred artists in performances, installations and DJ performance

The ARCOlisboa and JustLX fairs return this Thursday to the Portuguese capital to give visibility to the contemporary art sector, the first with 86 galleries in Cordoaria Nacional and the second with 30 exhibitors in the Palacio de Congresos.

Both will last until Sunday, ARCOlisboa with the participation of 86 galleries from 23 countries, including 25 Portuguese —with 23 in the Opening section, 55 in the general program and eight in the Africa in Focus section— while JustLX will host galleries from countries such as Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Iran, Mexico, Peru and the Philippines.

ARCOlisboa, the largest national fair dedicated to contemporary art, brought together 65 galleries from 14 countries last year and received 11,000 visitors in the four days it was open to the public, according to data released at the time by the organization.

ARCOlisboa closes with 11,000 visitors and a “good level of sales”

This year, the participation of Portuguese galleries represent 30% of the fairwith 25 represented, and the international segment concentrates 70% —61 galleries—, mainly from Europe, but also with an African presence, bringing together galleries from Angola, Morocco, Mozambique and South Africa.

EITHER Africa in Focus Program once again focuses attention on the investigation of contemporary art from the African continent, with the participation of eight galleries selected by the curator Paula Nascimento.

It will include galleries from Morocco (African Arty), South Africa (Afronova and Guns & Rain), Mozambique (Arte de Gema), as well as from France (193 Gallery), Germany (Artco) and Portugal (Insofar and Perve), with exhibitors of articles individuals that will be distributed throughout the fair.

This content is complemented by other African galleries participating in the general programme, such as L’atelier 21 Art Gallery, from Morocco, and Movart and This Is Not A White Cube from Angola.

At JustLX, among the exhibitors will be Art Dispersion (Lisbon), DsagasLab (Spain), GFaraco Arts (Ericeira), JAT arts (Lisbon), Malvin Gallery (Spain), (M)ARTE (Spain), Óriq Gallery PITT Studio (UK Kingdom), Uxval Gochez Gallery Vinyl on Vinyl (Philippines), La Otra Galeria (Spain), Natia Amini (Iran) and Perve Galeria (Lisbon).

JustLX Contemporary Art Fair opens on Thursday with 30 exhibitors in Lisbon

This year under the motto “Art, Creativity and Music”This fair, which is now in its fourth edition, will present works by a hundred artists, specifically with performances, installations and DJs.

The artist Clo Bourgard will present a sculptural installation at the entrance to the pavilion, the Venezuelan Manuel Buylla will create a mural and a live painting session by Aroca is planned.

ARCOlisboa will award for the fourth time the Lisbon Opening Awardwhose jury, made up of professionals from the sector, will recognize the best exhibitor in the section with the transfer of the fair’s exhibition space as a prize.

In this fair there will be the Space ArtsLibrisarea specialized in artist editions, photobooks and digital publications, with around thirty national and foreign exhibitors, in Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria, with free access to the public.

The ARCOlisboa Forum, curated by the Sociedad de Gestión de Equipamientos y Animación Cultural and directed by the curators Marta Mestre and Ángel Calvo Ulloa, will once again be a space for research in contemporary art.

Source: Observadora

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