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Western Weapons Sold via Encrypted Messaging App in Ukraine: Report

Military-grade weapons in Ukraine are allegedly sold to international buyers via the encrypted messaging app Telegram, including some equipment manufactured in the United States.

Weapons, including various types of automatic rifles and small arms allegedly collected in Ukraine during the country’s ongoing war with Russia, were sold on Telegram channels.

The guns for sale reportedly include not only Ukrainian-made guns such as AK-47s from the ex-Soviet era, but also American-made rifles such as the M16 and M4, as well as other NATO weapons. Like the ARX 160 A1. newspaper produced by the Italian arms company Beretta Il Giorgnale reports.

It remains unclear whether the guns were sold by the Ukrainians or by the Russians who collected them during the war.

Earlier this year, Canadian NGO Project Plowshares warned of the possibility of weapons from the West making their way onto the black market, while researcher Kelsey Gallagher said there is “a real threat that the Ukrainian government probably has no control over all these weapons.” . ”

“When this conflict really subsides… these weapons won’t just ‘puff’ out and disappear,” he added.

According to this Il GiorgnaleThe illicit arms trade often follows the same paths as the illicit drug trade, noting that radical Islamic jihadist cells can be tempted to buy weapons sold through the encrypted app.

In the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, extremists called on jihadists to take advantage of the war, and the Islamic State terrorist organization encouraged its supporters to use the conflict to gather weapons that could be used in terrorist attacks, for example.

“To the ISIS brothers in Russia and Ukraine: Seize the opportunity brothers and collect the weapons – because the weapons are widely distributed to the civilian population – and then attack the crusaders,” said one ISIS jihadist.

A Jordanian al-Qaeda supporter also described the war as a “divine gift” for Islam and said, “Muslims should see this war as a divine gift to Muslims.” [in Ukraine], in Russia and all over the world. For those who think about it, there are signs that it will change the face of the world, and if Muslims take advantage of it, it will be a major building block that will push them towards a renewal of their glory. ”

Source: Breitbart

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