Apple opened the page on the iPod by announcing yesterday that it would stop making its iconic digital music device that revolutionized the world of the music industry at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

“The spirit of the iPod lives on,” said Greg Josiak, Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing. “We’ve built amazing music experiences across all of our products, from the iPhone to the Apple Watch,” he added.

He stressed that “the music site has always been important” to Apple, and “bringing it to hundreds of millions of users, as done by the iPod, has not only had an impact on the music industry, but changed how music is discovered, listened to and shared. ”

The California -based Cupertino, California giant said the iPod Touch will remain available in Apple stores until stocks run out.

The iPod was first introduced to the market in 2001 and the first model was rectangular and white and soon expanded in popularity and became very much in demand.

This MP3-based device for transferring audio files, in addition to the iTunes application also released in 2001, has changed the world of music by making it possible to download movies and songs legally. way, at the time many websites were offering it. For free .

Apple has sold about 450 million iPods since its launch, according to the New York Times, citing specialist company Loop Ventures.

The iPod was the inspiration for the iPhone, introduced in 2007, and then contributed to the resounding success of these smartphones, which was one of the most important elements in strengthening the giant’s position.