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Parliamentary commission rejects censorship of Chega and Santos Silva, PSD abstains

The Commission for Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees rejected this Wednesday the admissibility of the Chega project, which sought to censor the conduct of the president of parliament, Augusto Santos Silva, with the abstention of the PSD.

PS, IL, PCP, BE, PAN and Livre voted in favor of the opinion of the PAN deputy, Inês Sousa Real, Chega opposed it and the PSD abstained.

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In the opinion, Inês Sousa Real argues that the Chega initiative, which seeks to censor the conduct of the President of the Assembly of the Republic “suffers from constitutional and regimental nonconformity”unable to be admitted.

You The Social Democrats justified their abstention by claiming that they wanted to ignore the conflicts between the President of Parliament and Chega which, according to deputy Mónica Quintela, “exclusively serve the interests of each of them.”

At the end of July, Chega presented a draft resolution that sought to censure the conduct of the president of parliament, for lack of impartiality and exemption in the exercise of his position.

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In the presentation of the opinion, the sole deputy of the People-Animals-Nature (PAN) stressed that the initiative, if admitted, “It would be a limitation to the freedom of expression of the deputies”in this case of the president of the parliament, “but on the other hand it would be a sterile and gratuitous discussion because it would not have any external effect”.

For Chega, parliamentary leader Pedro Pinto argued that the Assembly of the Republic “has the power to regulate itself” and, therefore, “everything that is not prohibited is allowed.”

The truth is that the Regulations and the Constitution are silent on the censorship of the President of the Assembly of the Republic, therefore, if he remains silent, it is allowed”, he argued, accusing the parties of being “accomplices” in an “abuse of power” by Santos Silva.

The debate on the opinion generated a discussion among the deputies about the actions of the President of the Assembly of the Republic, with Patrícia Gilvaz, from the Liberal Initiative, saying that she would vote in favor of the document but criticizing Santos Silva’s position.

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We want to believe that there is no type of instrumentalization of the functions to obtain undue political gains, or worse still, a preparation of future electoral acts, but we have doubts that this is not the case, hence this comment, “he said.

Mónica Quintela, from the PSD, defended that the interactions between Santos Silva and Chega have been “based on a relationship whose scope exclusively serves the interests of each one”, considering that this is an issue to which “the PSD should be oblivious”.

For the PS, Pedro Delgado Alves lamented this position on the part of the Social Democrats and twice cited the Regulations of Parliament.

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The socialist said that, according to section 3 of article 89, the president of Parliament has the right to withdraw the floor from a deputy if he considers that the speech is insulting, and pointed out that Santos Silva “never withdrew the floor” from a deputy. since the beginning of the legislature, intervening only after these interventions.

Then, citing article 120, Delgado Alves stressed that the projects, to be admitted, must comply with the Constitution, agreeing that this is not the case.

Alma Rivera, from the PCP, defended that it is “clear that there is no constitutional or regimental compliance in the project” and stressed that it would not have “practical consequences”, nor could it have them.

The blockista Joana Mortágua criticized the fact that the Many times exceeds the “limits in the active search for a response by the PAR”arguing that It is up to the president of the parliament to establish the balance between what is the freedom of each deputy to have a free mandate and what goes beyond that freedom”..

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Rui Tavares, from Livre, defended the attitude that Santos Silva has taken in relation to Chega, arguing that the latter has a duty to care for the prestige of the Assembly of the Republic, that “democracy is not an empty container where everything fits.” and that if it were not for his function, instead of the president he would be “a machine”.

Santos Silva asked the Constitutional Affairs Commission to issue an opinion “on constitutional and regulatory compliance” with the Chega draft resolution, “specifically for the purposes of its admissibility” and justified this decision “due to the doubts raised by the services of the Assembly but also because of the very deep and very complex doubts” raised “at the ethical-political level, not because of this draft resolution in particular, but because of the precedent it may create.”

The writing of the opinion was attributed to the PAN after the PSD asked for an excuse to do so, refusing to feed any political “folklore”, and the Liberal Initiative also refused to “do the work that the PSD should do”. .

Source: Observadora

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