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Presidency of the Council of Ministers issues a note defending Pedro Nuno Santos who omits the situation in question

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers, supervised by Mariana Vieira da Silva, issued this Saturday a note to defend the Minister of Infrastructure, Pedro Nuno Santos, after the Observer news, which revealed that a company owned by the official and his father had signed contracts with the State. The statement says that there would only be incompatibility if the contract were in an area supervised by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing -reading made by the PGR opinion, but for cases in which the company is owned by more than 10% only for the family

the note skipHowever the situation which is verified in this case particular, in which the holder of the position and the father hold “jointly” more than 10% of the company. This situation is also typified in a specific point of the article of the law that establishes the “impediments” to which the rulers are subject: point 3, of article 9, of law nº52/2019.

Pedro Nuno Santos and his father’s company signed a contract with the State. Law foresees dismissal, minister defends himself with old opinion of the PGR

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Source: Observadora

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