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The president has already done the Christmas shopping but has not yet chosen a gift for Costa

The President of the Republic has already started his Christmas shopping and took the opportunity to do it in solidarity, at the market organized by the Novo Futuro association, but he said that he has not yet thought about what to offer the Prime Minister.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa made his usual annual visit this morning to the Rastrillo Solidarity Fair, organized by the Novo Futuro association, which takes place at the Lisbon Conference Center.

And there he found gifts for the whole family, such as towels, ceramics, wine, soaps, jam or chocolates. While he toured the different posts, the head of state distributed kisses and greetings, and took several ‘selfies’.

Questioned by journalists, Marcelo indicated that “this time there were no political gifts”, only for several relatives and some for himself.

“Some books for me, the rest little things for daughter, son, grandchildren, brothers,” he listed.

The president also said that he had “not yet” thought about what he could offer the prime minister, but noted that “in order to give gifts, he had to give the various leaders of the various parties parliamentary seats”, which would be “a fortune”.

The Novo Futuro association, which welcomes children and young people, was founded in 1996 by María de Jesús Barroso.

The President of the Republic highlighted that for more than a decade this association has organized “a unique moment, before Christmas, a month before Christmas, to support a social cause” that is related to “street children who need shelter and welcome”.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa indicated that he has “traveled for various reasons” and anticipated that “from now until Christmas there will be others.”

Source: Observadora

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