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“Circumstances allow Medina more propaganda”

Duarte Alves returns to the Assembly of the Republic to occupy the seat that belonged to Jerónimo de Sousa. Without “special symbolism”, he aligns himself with the PCP’s rod of “contributing to the collective” and says that the former secretary general will be missed “by the entire Parliament”.

Regarding the State Budget for 2023, he says that “the document that comes out is not very different from the one that came in” and considers that “the current circumstances allow Fernando Medina and the Government to have more misleading propaganda.”

Regarding salaries, he explains that “the PCP sticks to reality” and that “the increase in the average salary naturally leads to an increase in the salaries of party employees.”

[Ouça aqui o Sofá do Parlamento com o deputado do PCP, Duarte Alves]

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Source: Observadora

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