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Jorge Miranda against the extended revision of the Constitution and the increase in the mandate of a President of the Republic

Jorge Miranda, one of the fathers of the Portuguese Constitution, is not in favor of a comprehensive constitutional review because fears that “the country will be distracted from fundamental issues”he pointed out in an interview with TSF and Jornal de Notícias.

I think it is unfortunate to enter a process of constitutional revision now, when there are so many problems that the country has, from the economic situation, inflation, the situation of hospitals, schools, the international situation with the war in Ukraine,” he listed. .

The constitutionalist prefers a “surgical” approach that focuses only on two points: confinement for health reasons — “to avoid abuses”, justifies — and the question of metadata🇧🇷 There are two issues in which judicial speed is essential, says Jorge Miranda: “There must be speedy justice, especially when fundamental rights are at stake,” he warned.

Regarding possible changes in the political system, Jorge Miranda said that he is “totally disagree” with the Social Democratic proposal to increase the mandate of the President of the Republic for seven years and considered an eventual increase in powers in the hands of the head of state “extremely dangerous”, he said in an interview with TSF and Jornal de Notícias.

Can mean challenge the semi-presidential system or the rationalized parliamentarism, which was enshrined in the constitutional reform of 1982”, he justified.

The constitutionalist recalled that very long presidential terms are characteristic of dictatorial regimes. And he argued thatit’s good to give voters a chance to make a judgment to the way in which the President of the Republic has exercised power in a first period”. There is, however, one point on which Jorge Miranda is in favor of a change in the political system: allow the minimum voting age to be lowered from 18 to 16.

Emancipation, marriage, can take place at the age of 16. And it is incomprehensible that a person considers himself emancipated and does not have political rights, ”she argued.

Source: Observadora

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