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Costa takes advantage of Twitter to talk about the changes in 2023

The Prime Minister, António Costa, took advantage of this Saturday to, in a series of tweets, talk about some changes that will come into force in 2023, some with the State Budget published in the Diário da República. He talks about the reduction of the IRS, the update of pensions and personal benefits and the freezing of the price of the passes.

Through the social network Twitter, António Costa has been reporting on a set of changes that will come into force at the beginning of 2023, under the slogan “#We Promise We Do”. One of the issues was pensions, which were the subject of controversy in 2022, since the Government chose not to update pensions in 2023 at the inflation rate, opting to provide extraordinary support to pensioners in October.

On Twitter, António Costa highlights that, “with the entry into 2023, 2.7 million pensioners will have an update on their monthly pensions.” And he gives an example: “an average pension of 500 euros increases in January to 524 euros. More than double the extraordinary increases of 10 euros that we have had in recent years ”, he exemplifies.

And he exposes more topics: “In 2023 the IRC will descend to companies that create jobs, increase salaries, reinforce their capital, invest in innovation and in the field. We lower the IRS again to families, who will pay 2 billion less than with the 2015 rules”, can be read in one of the publications.

According to the President of the Government, “as of January 1, the national minimum wage will go from 705 euros to 760 euros, an increase of 7.8%”, and pointed out that “the commitments assumed in the Agreement to Medium Term”. Improvement of Income in Social Concertation, towards 900 euros in 2026”.

“1.6 million people who receive these benefits will benefit from the 8.4% increase in the IAS reference value. Social benefits also increase: Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly, Social Benefit for Inclusion, Social Insertion Income, Social Subsidy for Unemployment, and the limits of Family Allowance, Subsidy for Unemployment and Subsidy for Sickness”, he also highlights.

And a more recent one affirms that the Government 2 froze the price of public transport passes and tickets in CP in 2023. It limited the increase in residential and commercial rents to 2%. And we took measures to counter the increases in electricity and gas.”

Source: Observadora

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