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Big Reset Averted: EU digital ‘mass surveillance’ plan likely to be thwarted by Germany

The digital “mass surveillance” regime planned by the EU is likely to be blocked by Germany on privacy grounds.

EU officials, apparently dissatisfied with the level of control the bloc has over its citizens, released a plan earlier this month that would see messages sent within the bloc being monitored by a controlled artificial intelligence superstate under the umbrella of child protection.

However, it appears to be a censorship, receiving widespread condemnation from the entire bloc, and separating Germany from all nationalities may be the reason for what destroyed Eurocrats’ ‘Great Reset’ ambitions in the near future.

According to an article published BuildGermany’s Federal Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faezer, believes that such a mechanism, by which messages from ordinary people are automatically read for Brussels’ review, is ultimately inconsistent with the country’s views on the importance of privacy.

“I want to tighten up the measures against criminals who commit horrific violence against children,” the minister said in an interview with the publication.

“But we must not interfere with encrypted private communications and therefore harm many people who are not involved in these actions,” he said. “It’s a great achievement to have communication that is not allowed to be analyzed by the state.”

“I don’t think it’s inconsistent with our rights to freedom to check every private message for no reason,” he continued, arguing that authorities should instead spend their time finding “dark web platforms.” To better fight child abuse.

Given the country’s overt fascination with mask orders, mandatory vaccinations, and intense censorship, it might come as a little surprise that, among all nation-states in Europe, Germany buried an authoritarian proposal.

Politicians in central European countries are not the only ones critical of the law, however, and many in Europe have expressed outrage at the elaborate plans drawn up by the mandarins in Brussels.

“Totalitarian tools and their love of mass surveillance are spreading like a virus across European institutions. This is actually the Chinese virus 2.0. Speaking to Breitbart, former lawmaker Tom JP Wandendriesche said, “It is fatal to our freedom and democracy, citizens.”

However, Vandendriesche’s claim that the EU proposal would violate human rights is far from just a moral mistake, but could have serious legal ramifications and be another potential cause of death for the proposed regime.

“You don’t let people into your home without permission; “You also need to get permission from a judge to check people’s private correspondence,” he said.

“Not only does it allow police to enter a suspect’s home without a warrant, but it also allows police to enter anyone’s home indiscriminately without a warrant,” he continued. “Violates the right to privacy.”

Source: Breitbart

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