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Mazda launched the stylish, economical and affordable car

Mazda also introduced its new car designed for style-conscious and practical car-loving kids.

The new car differs from the previous Mazda 2 cars, with a more aerodynamic structure and a revised front end without a grille in front of the radiator, and the shape of the lamps has been slightly changed and the shape of the wind. the tunnels change the shape of the shock absorbers.

The car, which also has a revised cabin inside, is equipped with a new steering wheel and a differently designed instrument panel. The driving interface has been made simpler in design and the interface is provided with an improved touch screen. the latest multimedia systems.

This vehicle is equipped with a new suspension and braking system, cornering stability system, seat and steering wheel heating system, cruise control while driving, light and rain sensors, distance sensors, front and rear cameras.

Mazda 2 copies will be offered with economical gasoline engines with a capacity of 1.5 liters and 110 or 116 horsepower, and turbodiesel engines with a capacity of 1.5 liters and 105 horsepower.

Source: moto1

Source: Arabic RT

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