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Municipal Assembly wants the council to resume the implementation of the Reduced Emission Zones

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The Lisbon Municipal Assembly approved on Tuesday a PS proposal to recommend to the City Council that it resume the concept of Reduced Emission Zones (ZER), for “a reduction of about 40% in the volume of car traffic“.

Return to the concept of the ZER, taking advantage of the contributions of citizens in the public debates that have already taken place and presenting a new implementation plan that achieves the objectives defined then, that is, a reduction of around 40% in the volume of traffic of automobiles”, proposed the municipal group PS.

This recommendation was approved with votes against PSD, Iniciativa Liberal, MPT, PPM, Aliança, CDS-PP and Chega, PCP abstentions and votes in favor of BE, Livre, PEV, two independent members of Cidadãos Por Lisboa (elected by the PS / Livre Coalition), PS and PAN.

In the recommendation, the PS highlights the environmental policy of the municipality until 2021, the year in which the executive ceases to be chaired by the socialist Fernando Medina: “Regarding the improvement of air quality, the definition and implementation of the ZERs are identified.which contributed to a favorable evolution of the level of air quality in the city, especially in the axis of Avenida da Liberdade, and the preparation of the Action Plan against Noise”.

Defending the deepening of measures that promote quality of life for Lisbon residentsThe socialists cite data released by the environmental association ZERO, on January 19, which states that air pollution on Avenida da Liberdade registered values ​​above the legal limit during 2022, with a concentration of nitrogen dioxide “higher by approximately one 12.5% ​​to the maximum value”, and that “traffic already exceeds 2019 levels (TomTom Index), putting car traffic at chaotic levels.”

Among the recommendations to the chamber are the strengthening of inspection mechanisms to guarantee the verification of traffic rules in ZERs; the development of procedures with the competent authorities so that the Execution Program of the air quality improvement plan in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region is approved as soon as possible; and the creation of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the city.

Based on the recommendations addressed to the council executive, chaired by Carlos Moedas (PSD), the assembly approved a PSD proposal so that Electric scooters and bicycles have “a sign indicating that they cannot be used on sidewalks, parks and gardens”as well as draw attention to the obligatory respect of light signals and the prohibition of using these means under the influence of alcohol or other types of substances that annoy users.

This initiative was possible with the votes against of Livre, PEV and PAN, the abstention of PCP, Chega and two independents, and the votes in favor of BE, PS, PSD, IL, MPT, PPM, Aliança and CDS-PP. With a different vote, including votes against from BE, Livre, PCP, PAN and IL, it was decided to recommend the “mandatory supply of helmets by the various bike rental apps, such as Uber, Bolt and GIRA”.

At the proposal of the PCP, the council recommended the rehabilitation and creation of rehearsal spaces and support for the cultural structures of the city for the right to culture of all people.

At the beginning of the meeting, the deputies condolences unanimously approved presented by PS, PCP and Livre by death of professor and sociologist Luís Moitawho passed away on Saturday, at the age of 84.

The assembly also approved four motions addressed to the Government, one from the PSD for a better functioning of the TVDE market (individual and paid transport of passengers in vehicles without electronic platform), one from the PCP for the dignification of the Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional and for investment in artistic training, one from the PAN for the inclusion of companion animals in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and the reform of the Criminal Code and one from the PS in defense of the new legislation on animal rights.

Source: Observadora

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