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Tesla drivers enjoy parking aids again

To the amazement of many customers, new Tesla models are no longer equipped with traditional ultrasonic parking sensors in October 2022an important driving aid, especially in Europe where parking spaces are smaller than in the US, as are vehicles. With software update 2022.45.11, Tesla finally started proposing a workaround, called Vision Park Assist, since it relies solely on cameras.

After about six months of having to pack them by ear, with no sensors or any device to replace them, for customers who picked up their new vehicles in the last few months, new software will allow cameras to determine distance to nearby vehicles or obstacles, using Tesla Vision. Apparently, the delay can be related not only to the need to “teach” the system to perform the calculations, but also to calibrate the software.

Once 2022.45.11 is installed, the vehicle will control the space around it in 360º, emitting visual and audible signals if something approaches or vice versa. It remains to be seen how precise the new system ensures, as well as to see if it provides drivers with other benefits besides parking or maneuvering in tight spaces.

Update 2022.45.11 which, like all the others, is free, includes other features in addition to Tesla Vision Park Assist. Part of the new software concerns the Full Self Driving system. Tesla is thus releasing version V11.3.2 of the FSD Beta in this way for customers who use it and in markets that can use it.

Source: Observadora

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