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One of the most powerful and advanced cars is coming soon

Voyah agents announced that the new Passion car will soon debut in Russia and some international markets.

The new car has attracted the attention of many, especially with its unique design, especially the shape of the front, with an elegant line of lighting that stretches across its width and with a bright logo in the middle that shows the brand of Voyah.

This vehicle, which stands out for its high flow structure and wheel discs designed to reduce air resistance, also features a wide panoramic roof that gave its passengers a unique sense of comfort while traveling, and the following equipment: air suspension system that allows the driver to control the height of the structure and maintain stability while moving It has a movable air deflector that can be controlled according to speed.

On the inside, it is equipped with a very sophisticated driving interface with a touchscreen that stretches across its width, and another touchscreen is placed below the large screen in the center of the interface. The vehicle also features a very unique steering wheel. The steering wheel with touch buttons is supported by a wireless charging system for phones and cameras that provide peripheral vision of the building.

The vehicle is equipped with sensors that measure tire pressure, a remote control system through smart devices, and a four-wheel drive system powered by an electric motor with a torque of 510 horsepower per load.

Source: moto1

Source: Arabic RT

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