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Russia began to collect unique models of modern crossover cars

The managers of the Russian car factory “AVTOTOR” announced that they have started the assembly of new models of Chinese SWM cars.

Factory officials said that their factories have started assembling 3 models of new SWM vehicles (G01, G01F and G05 Pro), and all these vehicles have elegant designs and modern features.

The first two models of these cars will be 461 and 467 centimeters long, and the “F” class model will have a design that evokes durability and some changes that improve the shape of the lamps and shock absorbers.

These vehicles are equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 156 hp of torque, 6-speed manual transmission and 7-speed automatic transmissions.

The third model of the new cars will be more prominent especially in terms of exterior design and will come as a revised version of the SWM X7 cars that have appeared in recent years.

G05 Pro cars, which will have a length of 4 meters 75 centimeters and the distance between the axles of the wheels will be 275 cm, will also be equipped in addition with an advanced driving interface supported by a large touch screen. It is equipped with remote engine start and lighting technologies, technologies for balancing slopes and turns, light and rain sensors, distance sensors, front and rear cameras.

The car will have two types of engines, a 2.0-liter engine with 142 horsepower and a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 156 horsepower, and these engines will work with a 7-speed automatic delivery.

Source: moto1

Source: Arabic RT

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