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Russia promotes the production of civil aircraft parts to give up imported components

Russia’s Crimean Governor Sergei Aksionov announced that Russia has increased domestic production of aircraft parts to replace imported parts.

The official said: “Within the framework of Russia’s plan to abandon foreign imports, the Fiolent factory located in Crimea is currently working on the production of transformers for SSJ-New aircraft and electrical equipment for Russian civil vehicles. Also, the MS-21 aircraft.”

“The Fiolent factory is responsible for manufacturing equipment for the Superjet and MS-21 aircraft. The amount of equipment orders has almost quadrupled, including orders from Russian government agencies.”

Aksionov said the factory is currently engaged in recruiting additional workers and has received 40 million rubles from the Russian government and should receive another 70 million rubles from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Crimean Prime Minister Yuri Gutsanyuk previously said that the Crimean government plans to implement several promising projects to eliminate foreign imports, including projects for the production of civil aircraft equipment and the production of composite materials. It can be used in many industrial projects.

Origin: Russian weapon

Source: Arabic RT

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