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Death toll rises to 110 from fasting promoted by sect in Kenya

The death toll from extreme fasting promoted by a cult in Kenya has risen to 110. The group urges followers to fast until death with the promise that they will meet Jesus Christ.

The Kenyan authorities raised the death toll from a fast promoted by a Christian sect in the south of the country from 103 to 110, after locating more bodies in mass graves.

According to local authorities, the Christian sect is located in the village of Shakahola, in Kilifi County, and is led by Paul Mackenzie, who was Arrested in mid-April along with 13 other people.

The Kenya Red Cross Society has already started work to try locate about 210 peopleincluding 110 children, who were reported missing as part of investigations into the sect.

The main leaders of the sect exhort their followers to fast until death, with the Promise that they will meet Jesus in a new life.

Kenyan President William Ruto even accused the sect leader of being a “terrible offender”.

New balance: 90 members of a sect found dead in Kenya

Source: Observadora

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