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Continuity is a safe value. VW renews Touareg

It is not an easy task to compete with models from luxury brands such as the Audi Q7, the Mercedes GLE, the BMW X5, the Volvo XC90 or the Lexus RX, without forgetting the Jeep Grand Cherokee or the Hyundai Santa Fe. But this is really the mission of the Touareg, a model that Volkswagen launched in 2002 and of which, in these more than 20 years, more than 1 million units have been sold.. To keep the largest of its SUVs current, the German brand carried out the usual renewal in the middle of the product’s life cycle, focusing on evolution… on continuity. This means that there are no substantial changes, from a design point of view, in the same way that the interior remains faithful to the line in force since 2018, the year in which the 3rd generation of the Touareg was launched. It will be on board and behind the wheel where the main improvements introduced will be felt.

On the exterior and at the front, the grille, headlights and hood are redesigned, while at the rear the most obvious change is in the lights. with a horizontal line on LEDs along the entire width of the SUV, in the middle of which appears the emblem of the brand that can be illuminated for the first time; until now, this functionality was legally prohibited in Europebeing allowed only in markets such as China and North America.

Lighting is also one of the lures face lift of the Touareg, since it will be the first model of the brand to be launched with the latest evolution of Matrix LED headlights, technology that will later be incorporated into SUVs in the segments below. One of the members of the board of directors of Volkswagen for Development, Kai Grünitz, does not hesitate to define this proposal as the best on the market, when describing the new IQ headlamps. Light LED Matrix HD as “one of the best lighting systems in the world”. In practice, they consist of more than 38,000 LEDs (19,216 in each headlight) that automatically adjust to precisely illuminate the road without dazzling oncoming vehicles or disturbing the driver in front.. The possibility of driving with a “carpet of light” projected onto the road is something that will be offered as standard, integrating all trim levels, with the exception of the basic version.

Inside, as we mentioned, the environment remains identical to that of the Touareg that will be replaced, the main changes being related to functional improvements and the revision of materials. In the latter case, the brand assumes that it has listened to customer criticism and cares about improving the perception of quality. A reflection of this, for example, is the softer material on the center console. The power of the USB-C connections has also been increased, going from the previous 15W to 45W. Otherwise, As soon as you get into the Touareg, the star that shines brightest is the so-called Innovision Cockpit, that is, the combination of a 12″ digital instrument panel with a 15″ central touch screen, with functions such as improving navigation, as well as the Recognition of vocal commands should be more satisfactory than up to now.

The supply of engines does not change, so The top of the range of the Touareg family continues to be the 462 hp R eHybrid, the most powerful and sporty of the family, which will be launched together with another less powerful plug-in hybrid version (381 hp).. Both are based on a 3-liter displacement V6 architecture, a characteristic common to exclusively combustion engines, whether it is the 340 hp gasoline or the 231 and 286 hp diesel. In any case, power is always sent to all four wheels (4Motion) via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

If nothing changes under the hood, the same doesn’t for the revised suspension, which now adjusts itself according to a reading it receives from a new load sensor on the roof. Without a load, the SUV lends itself to sportier behavior; accusing load, “wakes up” the sensitivity of the electronic stability control.

Source: Observadora

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