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“We don’t take nature’s warnings seriously”

at the beginning of sacred nature, the writer Karen Armstrong tells of an experience she had when she was just entering a convent. If you have already read an article about this book, you may have heard about this story, because there is something amazing and transformative about it. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Karen was alerted to what was happening, but they forgot to tell her that the crisis was over. Thus they spent a few weeks locked up in a convent, thinking that the world could end at any moment. There is a feeling of terror that settles there, but you also gain muscle to relativize everything that comes after.

This detail matters because Karen Armstrong does not relativize climate change, our role and the way we relate to the natural world. sacred nature It is an amazing book because it talks about nature without a scientific look, it talks about the religious and spiritual relationship of different cultures, over time, with nature without conversion characteristics. In other words, Karen Armstrong is not selling us a way of life.

He lived through the threat of nuclear war, the fear of that time. And he recognizes that the danger is greater now, but he doesn’t see people worried or scared. sacred nature It is, therefore, an alert that we are reaching a point of no return and, for the vast majority of the population, this is still not a concern. By the way: in many cases it is not even considered a fact. Part of the reason has to do with how we’ve become disconnected from the natural world, the author argues. So throughout the book, Karen Armstrong gives suggestions on how to create that connection in small steps. She does it with a certain coldness, that of someone who has the notion that it might already be too late. But, as she says, if we all do little things, maybe everything will change.

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