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Researchers warn of dangers of ‘greenwashing’ environmental enemy

Australian researchers warn in a study published this Thursday about the dangers of a “well-known enemy” of the environmental movement, the so-called “greenwashing”, a public image of environmental responsibility that is false.

According to the University of Queensland study, “greenwashing” is a threat to a nature-positive world, as it is misleading or illusory advertising, disseminated by an entity to present an environmentally responsible public image.

Eleanor Milner-Gulland, a professor at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, is quoted in the study as saying that she hopes the public Don’t be fooled and always analyze the messages.

As with the term “net zero,” on carbon neutrality, soon “We will start to look at the companies we buy from. and the governments we vote for claim that they are being, doing or contributing to a positive character,” the researchers say.

And they add that regulations are needed, so that it is clear what is misleading information, and that there is transparency, so that consumers and voters can distinguish”green wash”of genuine efforts to shift towards a “nature-positive” world.

The researchers explain that the concept of positive nature is defined as the description of a planet where environmental deterioration stops and nature improves (the concept of net zero applied to biodiversity).

Martine Maron of the University of Queensland, who led the study, says positive nature is key to stopping the world’s current mass extinction situation. And she says many countries and even companies are supporting the concept.

Source: Observadora

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