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The Iberian lynx population exceeds two thousand specimens in the Iberian Peninsula

The Iberian lynx population has reached 2,021 specimens in 2023 in the Iberian Peninsulawhen the previous year there were 1,668, according to the census carried out annually by the European Life project for the conservation of this feline.

This census is developed by the LynxConnect project and is coordinated by the Junta de Andalucía, which brings together several autonomous communities and Portugal.

The data show that in Portugal, in the Guadiana Valley, there were 53 breeding females, 100 puppies and a total of 291 specimens last year.

In Spain, in Andalusia, the population of Doñana-Aljarafe increased from 108 to 130. In Andújar Cardeña it increased from 268 to 271, Guadalmellato from 40 to 41 and in Guarrizas from 167 to 201 lynxes. The population of Setefilla went from nine to 11, Las Minas went from 17 to 11, Guazurejos, from one to three and the new population of Sierra Arana, fed basically by reintroductions, went from five to 13 specimens in 2023.

In total, the Andalusian population amounts to 686 out of a total of 2,021, a figure that includes 406 breeding females and 722 puppies.

The lynx was considered critically endangered at the beginning of the centurywhen there were one hundred copies left and only in Andalusia.

This Friday, according to Life“an undetermined number scattered throughout the Iberian Peninsula, some even settling in areas not initially covered by conservation work.”

These natural settlements are those of Extremadura de Ortiga (nine examples) and Valdecañas (10). Also La Jara, which will join Las Minas, Setefilla, Ibores, Río Sotillo, Valdecigüeñas, Guazurejos and Cornalvo in 2023 as natural settlement areas for the species.

TO Life It stands out that the “upward trend” of lynxes continues, with dispersed movements from different areas of stable presence, and extending over an indefinite area of ​​the Peninsula.

During 2023, the Lynxconnect project released 34 lynxes in the reintroduction areas created in the projects Life previous and at selected points.

Regarding mortality, Last year, the death of 189 Iberian lynxes was recordedOne of the most detectable causes is pedestrian accidents, which currently affect 7% of the total population, compared to 6% last year.

Source: Observadora

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