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Media: US intelligence examines methods for assessing the combat capabilities of foreign powers

CNN reported that the U.S. intelligence community is conducting an internal review of the methods used to assess the combat effectiveness of foreign military forces.

Citing its sources, the channel said that representatives of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee sent a confidential letter to the Director of National Intelligence, the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency last Tuesday, asking about the procedures that used there. and what intelligence community experts rely on when making such assessments.

He added that committee members had noticed over the past year that U.S. intelligence services had doubled in misassessing the capabilities of foreign powers. In particular, it discusses the assessment of the combat capability of the Ukrainian army before the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine and the combat capability of Afghan government forces prior to the departure of US forces from Afghanistan. and the arrival of the Taliban. Movement to power in the country.

The channel said these two events will undergo major review during the internal audit.

Source: TASS

Source: Arabic RT

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