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More than 1,000 girls facing ‘Asian’ rape gangs in a small English town amid politically correct police inaction

An independent investigation by grooming gangs found that more than a thousand girls were sexually assaulted and raped by “Asian” men in a small English town, while police ignored politically correct concerns.

A three-year study of the sexual exploitation of children over the past three decades in Telford, Shropshire, found that police are blindfolded and that there is child suffering if West Mercia police are “doing their job”. , many children would have been avoided.

As with previous reports in other parts of the country, the activities of most “Asian” grooming gangs were allowed to run violently throughout the city, as police, local officials and others feared fomenting “racial tensions” in the town.

Describing the setting in which the issue of child abuse by Asian men came to the fore in inter-agency meetings in the early 2000s, one witness to the investigation said: they were scared. ask or challenge because they don’t want to show that they are racist. ”

Even a task force set up in Telford to combat child sexual exploitation (CSE) crimes was found to be actively fleeing suspects on racial grounds. You know, we will lose because of the Asian element.”

The report went on to describe how some areas were considered by police until 2010 to be “impassable zones” controlled by Pakistani and Indian youth, where officers faced abuse, intimidation, intimidation and even burned police vehicles.

“You don’t go to Regent Street … , alone,” said an official in the Wellington district of Telford in the 1990s, like a uniformed cop … they hate us.”

According to the investigation, the issue of political correctness of the young victims was not discussed by the police, and the report provides evidence that teachers feared escalating the inappropriate activities of their elderly Asian “boyfriend” out of fear. of racism. These fears may actually be justified, as the report states that a local council official accused a teacher of racism for criticizing the body for having “problems with Pakistani youth.”

“You have to be careful with what you say. It is, only time is not what it was then. You should not just say it, you know, you should know better than that,” said one of the witnesses.

There are also fears of attacks on taxi drivers in Asia as the industry serves as the main vehicle for predators to mistreat young women, and one eyewitness said, “I will definitely point with bullets, not to local authorities or to a specific person. “The taxi drivers say they are Asian.

Chief Justice Tom Crowther QC said: “The central theme of the evidence is the terrible suffering of generations of children caused by the extreme persecution of people who exploit children. Victims and survivors have repeatedly told investigators how, as children, grown men worked to gain their trust before brutally betraying that trust by treating them as sexual objects or commodities.

“Countless children have been abused and raped. They were deliberately humiliated and humiliated. They were divided and sold. They were subjected to violence and their families were threatened. They lived in fear and their lives were changed forever. ”

One of the Telford grooming survivors, author and journalist Samantha Smith, who declined to reveal her identity in the case, said she was questioned by police after she appeared on the UK news earlier in the week, and local officials said the people were unhappy. highlighting the “industrial scale” of their inability to protect children from grooming gangs.

“They followed me, they followed me, they knocked on my door, it’s not much different from knocking on a criminal or criminal’s door. I contacted a friend at the time, and he later told me, “I really thought you’d be arrested for talking to you.”

“When you went to GB News and talked about gang gangs in Telford, they told me it was our responsibility to contact you,” host Mark Stein said.

Commenting on the findings of the most recent report, ex-detective Maggie Oliver, the gang’s informant, said: “We still don’t have a senior officer in charge, we have both recommendations, they’re just recommendations they don’t need to follow. . that advice and that’s why we get stuck on mole day over and over again. I’m tired of acting like it’s a thing of the past, for the same reasons, but it’s not.”

Source: Breitbart

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