The Italian Ministry of the Interior reported that “since the beginning of this year, 69,894 migrants have arrived on the coast of the country, while in the same period last year the number of migrants arrived was 44,763, and in 2020 there were only 23,517.” .”

“Over the past few days, 1,283 migrants have arrived on our shores, bringing the total number of arrivals by sea from the beginning of the month to today to 11,637,” the statement said.

The ministry said “last year, 6,919 people arrived throughout September, and in 2020 there were 4,386.” Tunisian citizens (21%), followed by arrivals from Egypt (13,536.19%), followed by Bangladesh (10,315.15%), Afghanistan (5320.8%), Syria (4560.7%), Côte d ‘Ivoire (2206, 3). %), Eritrea (1663.2%), Guinea (1652.2%), Iran (1513.2%) and Pakistan (1504.2%), in addition to the above 13,129 people (19%) from other countries. or who are still in the identification process.