According to a Bloomberg report, Saudi energy company Aramco raised the price of oil for sale in the US for November and lowered it for Europe, leaving it flat for Asia.

The Saudi company has decided to raise the official selling price for U.S. deliveries with a $6.35 per barrel premium to the Argos index, 20 cents more than October 2022 deliveries.

The agency said: “Prices for all raw materials for shipments to the northwestern part of Europe and the Mediterranean region have been reduced, while prices for all materials for the United States have increased by 20 cents.”

She pointed out that “for Northwest Europe and the Mediterranean, the prices of Light and Extra Light oil have been reduced by $1.8 per barrel, and for Medium and Heavy by $1.5 per barrel, and thus Arab oil Light for the month of November will be on sale. to these regions with a premium of $0.9 per barrel to the price of a barrel of oil.” Prices.”