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North Korean leader vows ‘world’s most powerful strategic nuclear force’

Nuclear-armed North Korea has “the most powerful strategic force in the world,” leader Kim Jong-un said at a ceremony to celebrate the launch of a new intercontinental missile.

Kim has awarded a series of promotions to military personnel and scientists involved in developing the new Hwasong-17, dubbed a “monster missile” by military analysts, capable of attacking the United States. This intercontinental ballistic missile was tested on November 18, crashing in waters off Japan.

The Hwasong-17 is “the most powerful strategic weapon in the world” and represents “a magnificent leap forward in the development of technology to mount nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles,” said the leader, quoted this Sunday by the official North Korean news agency KCNA. .

Scientists, military and those responsible for this program contributed to the “goal of building the strongest army in the world,” he added.

It is “the greatest and most important revolutionary cause, and its ultimate goal is to possess the most powerful strategic force in the world, the absolute force unprecedented in the century,” he stressed.

Hong Min of the Korean Institute for National Unification said Pyongyang’s emphasis in launching the Hwasong-17 test was aimed at bolstering its status as a nuclear power.

Source: Observadora

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