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Germany. Young man sought out her doppelganger and killed her to fake her own death and change her life

A 23-year-old girl searched social media for someone similar to her and found the perfect victim: she killed her, left her in her car, and fled to change her life. The case is shocking Germany.

Two 23-year-old German youths —a man and a woman— were arrested by the German police after a case that is shocking Germany and that can be reduced to a single line: to solve family problems and start a new life, a young woman was looking for a woman similar to you and murdered her to fake his own death.

According to the correspondent of the American broadcaster NBC in Germany, the case was baptized by the German press as a “double homicide”. On that television, the criminology professor Fiona Brookman explained that she had never come across a case of these characteristics, since it is an unprecedented situation within a reality that is already very rare: less than 10% of homicides are committed by women and situations in which the victims are also women are even rarer.

The case dates back to the summer of last year, specifically to August 16, 2022, when the parents of the woman (whose identity was not revealed by the police under German data protection law) discovered the body of what they believed to be her 23 year old couple. eldest daughter, inside a car, dead after a violent attack with a knife.

The body discovered by the couple underwent an autopsy, and that’s when the mystery began to deepen. According to a police statement cited by NBC, the autopsy “raised serious questions about the woman’s identity.”

A few days later, the police knocked on the couple’s door to give them good news: their daughter was not dead after all. “We were so happy. We thought she was dead, ”said the young woman’s father, quoted by the German tabloid Bild.

But the story would take a new turn soon after: the daughter was not the victim, but the author of the crime. Police arrested the 23-year-old and another young man of the same age on suspicion of committing the crime. The two are in custody, according to a police statement released this week.

Now, after a months-long investigation by German police, the contours of the gruesome crime are beginning to emerge. According to authorities, the 23-year-old wanted to leave home and change her life to escape her family problems.

“I can confirm that the 23-year-old female defendant was obviously planning to start a new life due to family issues,” a police spokesperson told NBC. To do this, the woman created several accounts on social networks, which she went from end to end in search of someone “as similar as possible to her.”

“Investigations revealed contact with several young women over a period of several weeks,” the spokesperson said, adding that the young woman managed to “arrange an appointment with the victim.”

Once the target was chosen – a young woman of German and Iraqi nationality who lived in the Heilbronn region – the woman and her partner, both 23 years old, drove to the victim’s house and tricked her into taking her with them and they killed her. the stabbing The body was then left in the young woman’s car, who fled to her new life.

Initially, these two cases were treated separately – a disappearance and a homicide – but it is now known that the two cases were related and that the missing young woman was, in fact, the victim of the homicide, and that the alleged victim was the murderer. mass

Source: Observadora

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