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Wagner Group is recruiting… on Pornhub. Advertisements for the group appeared on the pornographic site. “Why not?” says mercenary leader

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The advertisements of the mercenary group on the pornographic site were confirmed by Yevgeny Prigozhin himself. “It’s a great idea from our marketers,” said Wagner, leader of the group.

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The Wagner group is diversifying its recruiting efforts. After advertisements on Russian TV, on social media and even in foreign countries, the mercenary force is now looking for new recruits… on Pornhub.

Vucic criticized Russia’s “friendly” attempt to recruit mercenaries in Serbia. Wagner Group talks about “unfounded rumors”

According to the Daily Telegraph, the ad was discovered by a popular Russian Telegram channel covering the pornography industry. The advertisement circulating on the pornographic video site shows a woman with a lollipop in her mouth. “We are the toughest army in the world. We are hiring in all regions of Russia”, the woman is heard saying. “Don’t masturbate, come work for the Wagner group.”

The ad is accessible to site users in various regions of Russia, but not in Moscow, part of a Russian recruitment strategy that targets rural areas of the country at the expense of large urban centers.

The leader of the Wagner group confirmed on Wednesday the existence of the ad and said he agreed with its disclosure. “Placing Wagner ads on porn sites is a great idea from our marketing experts.”said Yevgeny Prigozhin, quoted by the British newspaper. “I totally agree with them and with the content of the ad…why not?”

From prisoners to fighters of the Wagner group: the return to Russia

The announcement seems to fit with the growing effort to recruit the mercenary group that, in recent months, had already received thousands of Russian prisoners into its ranks, sent to fight in Ukraine in exchange for seeing their sentences pardoned. Recently, the recruitment policy in Russian prisons began to be used by the Ministry of Defense itselffurther intensifying the already tense relations between the Kremlin and the mercenaries.

Various activist groups estimate that half of these recruits (there are no precise numbers, but estimates are in the tens of thousands) have already been killed or wounded in combat.

Source: Observadora

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