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All “Rashists” will be brought to justice, Zelensky promises a year after the bombing of the Mariupol Theater

The Ukrainian leader marked the passing of a year since the Russians bombed the Mariupol theater, where hundreds of civilians were sheltering. And he guaranteed: the Russians will be responsible for the crimes.

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A year has passed since Russian forces bombed the Mariupol Theater, “one of the most serious crimes” in the more than twelve months of war, the Ukrainian president said Thursday. “A civilian object deliberately destroyed by the invaders. We still don’t know exactly the number of victims? Hundreds of people? Thousands? ”, He recalled, assuring that a court will be established to judge Russia and do justice to the Ukrainian people.

“The day will come when all perpetrators of war crimes against Ukrainians will be brought to justice in the corridors of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and national courts”, said Volodymyr Zelensky in his usual daily speech.

Russian forces bomb the theater in Mariupol where the children were. Pilot was a ‘monster’, says Ukrainian minister

On March 16, 2022, the Ukrainian authorities reported that a Russian bombardment hit the Mariupol theater, where civilians were sheltering waiting to be evacuated from the city. The attack was described by Amnesty International as a “deliberate” act and a war crime. “The ‘children’ inscription on the side of the building clearly indicated those who had become the target of Russia, one of many targets,” Zelensky recalled.

One year ago, the Russian army committed one of the most serious crimes of this war. Russian bombs destroyed the Mariupol theater. The building was used as a shelter. There were women with children, pregnant women and the elderly.”

The Ukrainian leader guaranteed that the country is already on its way to obtaining justice, work that has the contributions of the prosecutor’s office, special services, the government and diplomats, as well as international investigators who have joined the collection of data on possible war crimes. . “All the Rashists [ termo depreciativo usado pelos ucranianos para definir militares russos ou apoiantes da invasão].” will be held accountable They will be responsible for every Ukrainian life lost,” Zelensky stressed.

Russian officials committed war crimes in Ukraine: UN commission

An international United Nations (UN) commission said on Thursday it had sufficient evidence to try Russian officials for war crimes in Ukraine and Russia. In the course of their investigation, the investigators say they have gathered evidence that Russian forces have also committed crimes against humanity, notably the wave of attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and the use of torture.

Source: Observadora

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