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Strike of officials began to be felt at night, in hospitals and garbage collection

Public administration workers are on national strike this Friday for immediate salary increases due to the increase in the cost of living, with the Common Front, the union structure that called the strike, anticipating a “massive adhesion”.

The effects of the strike began to be felt on Thursday night, in hospitals and in garbage collection, since the the strike began in the shifts of these workers.

This Friday, the strike will affect education, health, finance, social security and autarchy services, but also areas with less visibility due to not having a public service, such as processing centers or central services, the coordinator of the Common Front told Lusa ., Sebastião Santana, who predicts a “mass participation” to the protest.

“We are anticipating that many Social Security services, citizen shops, conservatories, finance will be closed, we are expecting a great impact on these services, also in the area of ​​health, with many external consultations closed and also in schools”, said Sebastião Santana.

The prediction of “a great strike” by the union leader is based on the “mobilization work” of the Common Front and on a “great discontent with measures that the government has not taken value careers and services”.

“We cannot spend another year impoverishing ourselves with inflation of this nature, without salary updates”, said Sebastião Santana.

Among the reasons for the strike called by the Common Front are the demand for immediate pay raisessetting ceilings for the prices of goods and services, Valuation of careers and strengthening of public services.

In the education sector, the National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof) announced this week that teachers and educators will participate in the public administration strike and non-teaching workers are covered by the prior call of the Common Front.

For the day after the strike, Saturday, a national demonstration is scheduled in Lisbon, promoted by the CGTP, for the general increase in wages and pensions due to the rise in the cost of living.

Source: Observadora

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