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There is already an invitation for the coronation of Carlos III. He is full of messages and comes with Camila with the (unique) title of queen

The invitation to the ceremony on May 6 is flowery and colorful, full of messages and Camila loses her consort and becomes the only queen. The couple also revealed their joint photo in Buckingham.

One month and two days after the coronation of Charles as the new King of England, the official invitation to the ceremony on May 6 has just been made public. And all this full of meaning and messages.

The invitation is printed on recycled cardboard, in case Carlos is an environmental defender. It is decorated with colorful foliage, a design by heraldic artist and manuscript illuminator Andrew Jamieson, who is part of the Art Workers’ Guild of which the King is an honorary member. It also contains a tribute to her mother, as it was painted in oil by Alastair Barford, a former student of the QEST -Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust-, and the Queen attended the official opening of her work.

And what does the invitation say? Something also important: ‘Coronation of the Majesties of him King Carlos III and Queen Camila; By order of the King, Earl Marshall is instructed to invite… to be present at Westminster Abbey Church on May 6, 2023.’ That is to say, Camila, until now always known as queen consort, will be crowned queen.

According to a palace source, in the first months it should be like this. “It makes sense to call Queen Consort in the early months of her reign, to distinguish Queen Elizabeth II from her Majesty. But ‘Queen Camila’ is the appropriate title to put alongside ‘King Carlos’ on the invitation. The coronation is an appropriate time to start using ‘Queen Camilla’ in an official capacity. All former queen consorts are known by ‘queen’ and given name.”

In addition to the invitation, the kings also premiered their portrait of two, very smiling, in the blue room of Buckingham Palace. A photo that appears shortly after the first official portrait of King Charles III was unveiled in London.

The coronation on May 6 will begin with a ceremony at Westminster Abbey, followed by a journey that will take the newly crowned King through streets expected to be packed with thousands of people to Buckingham Palace, where he will be joined by members of his family. the balcony to greet the population. The next day at Windsor Castle there will be concerts and parties and Monday will be a holiday.

Source: Observadora

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