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The Pentagon has denied the involvement of US forces in military operations in Ukraine. The Sudanese army’s Western District Command in Nyala has joined its troops and equipment with the Rapid Support Forces. Al-Burhan at the strategic Marawi airport after being recaptured (video) Turkey announced that its citizens will enter Egypt without a visa for the first time “Rapid Support” in Sudan in the short term to restore Arab unity in Syria and “liquid” problems, He announced that 200 tanks were seized and 3 planes were shot down. , and control of the Palace of the Republic. Kuwait bought one of the most famous banks in Egypt, including 3 Arab presidents. Who greeted the president of Syria from afar? Bayern Munich decided to deport Mane. What is the secret of the presence of the Egyptian army in Sudan? After circulating on social media.. An expert spoke about 10,000 Syrian pounds (photo) What kind of Egyptian army fighters are in Sudan? (Photos) Latest developments and reflections on the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 17.04.2023/ Former European parliamentarian: He is in trouble after the news that Zelensky embezzled 400 million dollars. Da Support Forces on the third day of the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan announced that they are in control of the Republic Palace (video) The official spokesman of the Rapid Support Forces announced that they responded to the call of the commander of the Sudanese army (video) Wide discussion First day of Eid al-Fitr in Egypt Astronomy Video about the announcement of the Institute) 75 bullets against the “Abu Jihad” weapon.. How was the operation carried out? A page related to the Sudanese army shows Hamidti’s military uniform (photo) An American intelligence officer talks about what the Ukrainians will do with Zelensky, who will win?. Sudan. A video was released from the cockpit of a Saudi plane from the Rapid Support Forces, which made a statement about the detainees, documenting the moments of the battle at the Khartoum airport. The Iranian president accepted the Saudi leader’s invitation. Russian President visits Riyadh, Chinese Defense Minister meets with Congress Biden’s big failure over Zelensky The reason he chose Russia for his first foreign visit is that Sisi published a decision on daylight saving time in Egypt American media reveals “Ukraine Confidential documents on the “history of the counterattack” in Pictures.. Tebboune received the Syrian Foreign Minister and received a message from him from Assad Media: European countries are “ Ukraine was stabbed in the back” Egyptian fighters and captured soldiers.. Sudanese Quick response videos The son of the last Iranian shah, who made his first visit to Israel in the days of the Kremlin, officially explained the rationale for Putin’s statement about Russia’s intention to use the Russian navy in all directions. of the Ukrainian counteroffensive pulled out Elon Musk made a surprise about the spying of American authorities On “Twitter” Egypt announced the need to establish a new world order “Fast Support” announced the fall of “Apache” “In Khartoum (video) India .. A former Indian politician and his brother were killed in a live TV broadcast (video) Rapid Support Forces, the house of Al-Burhan ” ” “Inokhodets” attack destroyed a convoy of the Ukrainian army Chinese Defense Minister in conversation with the Russian President: “Relations are strong, foreign Cold Superior in war alliances. Algeria has condemned the African Union’s acceptance of Morocco’s diplomatic credentials. A crisis broke out between Mohamed Al-Nani and Mohamed Salah. Moldavian airport authorities prevent the monarch of the Russian Tatarstan Republic from getting off the plane (video) Artist George Wassouf presents a special gift to Argentine star Lionel Messi (photos) Why “hot money” escaped ” from Egypt? Including an Arab country.. the 10 largest countries in the world with gold and foreign exchange reserves from Algeria Al-Mikdad: The response to Israel’s attacks is inevitable and we will respond at an opportunity that serves us with European Commission: Hungary and Poland from Ukraine banning grain imports is unacceptable after a “famous” blow. Announcement of Mane’s historic sentence, Zamalek President Mortada Mansur’s first statement on his “decision to dismiss” following the burning of the flag in the air in Armenia documents the moment and how the bodyguard handled the bomb A fatal mistake in during tarawih prayers on Egyptian TV. (photo) The US army raided the Syria State Department Kazakhstan approved Taliban diplomats Russia is preparing to launch new products in Egypt Tehran: in 2020 The decision was made against the background of the downing of a passenger plane of Ukrainian announced the return of control of the army Al Sudan radio and television building in accordance with international agreements. Media: Sanctions against Russia are the worst assessment of the West in history. Russian Ambassador: Sudanese army, Fast He does not want to talk -reinforcements fix. Food “.. Scientists reveal the reason for Tibetans’ ability to survive. Iran successfully test-fired its latest anti-tank guided missile after missing two penalty hits. Klopp made an important decision about Mohamed Salah! The Rapid Support Forces released footage from the Palace of the Republic in Khartoum. Heavy clashes between the Army and Rapid Support Forces in Khartoum. In pictures, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrives in Saudi Arabia. Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced that the transfer of 4 people has been completed. Percentage of state ownership in Aramco in Sanabel, UAE President held an official reception for his Brazilian counterpart at Qasr Al-Watan in Abu Dhabi. The Ministry of Youth and Sports made a statement on the decision to dismiss Murtaza Mansour Reza Pahlavi: “The renewal of Iran-Israel relations is closer than ever.” Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baghdad, Chinese army declares “high alert” Russian forces confiscate internationally banned munitions from Ukrainian army warehouses (video) USA prepares for a “semiconductor” war in Russia and China Daglo: The war we are fighting now is for democracy The Sudanese Rapid Support Forces released a clip It says that for Egyptian soldiers in the north of the country “The Washington Post” “: Many companies in It was the West that stayed in Russia and did not leave. The Sudanese military “expressed objections and testimonies of members of the Rapid Support Force who surrendered” to the armed forces. published (video) The NL Times newspaper reveals the missions of Dutch soldiers in Ukraine

Patrick Ryder, spokesman for the US Department of Defense, said that the US military does not participate in military actions on Ukrainian soil.

“The United States has no combat units in Ukraine. We are not conducting any combat operations against the Russian military. We are 100 percent focused on supporting Ukraine and giving it the security assistance it needs,” Ryder told the Washington Examiner. Protect yourself.”

Earlier, the Pentagon refused to respond to the request of the “Tass” agency regarding the alleged leak of US data showing the presence of the US military and special forces from several other “NATO” countries on the ground of Ukrainian. Two months ago, 97 soldiers, 14 of them American soldiers, were in Ukraine.

As Ryder explained to the newspaper, Washington “maintains a small military presence at the US Embassy in Kiev.” It is pointed out that these forces are in the “office of the military attaché” there and oversee the end-use of security assistance programs.

“Again, none of these forces are in conflict,” Ryder concluded, “the President made clear from the beginning. [جو بايدن] We will not send troops to Ukraine, and that was true yesterday, and it is true today.”

Source: TASS

Source: Arabic RT

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