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Blinking comments on the health of journalist Gershkovich, imprisoned in Moscow on espionage charges. Bayern Munich decided to deport Manny Netanyahu. He met with US Senator Lindsey Graham about Saudi Arabia. Egypt’s emergency in Sudan Kuwait bought one of them. The most famous banks of Egypt, the wealth of the Moroccan star, the Sudan Armed Forces made a statement on official television: At this stage, the situation is under control. “Fortune” Instagram page: Hakimi can take half of the wealth of his ex-wife Heba Abbouk in Egypt. . A Syrian engineer, 3 He was severely strangled along with 5 Egyptians, including . Rapid Support Forces in Sudan revealed why the video of Egyptian Red Sea Military District soldiers in Sudan was leaked: All Rapid Support Forces headquarters in the sector have been captured. Arab South and Egypt’s security Sisi: Our armed forces are safe in Sudan and we are sure of it, What types of Egyptian army fighters are in Sudan? (Photos) The official spokesman of the Rapid Support Forces announced his response to the call of the Sudanese military commander. (Video) Putin inspects Russian forces in the axes of Kherson and Lugansk (video) Renaissance meeting details Dam Sisi together with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces White House launched the attack of President Lula After da Silva’s statements about Russia and China, it sharpened Brazil for a while. Developments in the clashes between the army and the army of the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan are in their fourth day. Sisi presided over the emergency meeting of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces. Who will win? Egypt is reducing its imports from America by 28.8%. An Egyptian parliamentarian commented on Sisi’s remarks about Sudan. witness Sisi’s reaction to the arrest of Egyptian forces in Sudan Salah broke a historic record in the English Premier League (video) Video Why is “hot money” running out in Egypt? What is the secret of the presence of the Egyptian army in Sudan? Pentagon: We are worried that the weapons we gave to Kiev will be used to carry out attacks inside Russia Al-Sisi: Egypt is trying to prevent the situation in Sudan from escalating. Can Egypt regain leadership of the country’s most important industry after opening the largest factory of its kind in the world? The International Center of Astronomy marks the first days of Eid-al-Fitr There is a wide discussion in Egypt about the announcement by the Astronomical Institute of the first days of Eid-al-Fitr Five unusual signs in Tunisia that look may mean you are at risk for heart disease. . The video that led to the arrest of Rashid Al-Ghannouchi The latest developments and reflections of the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 18.04.2023/ Tunisia.. The Ennahda movement tweeted after the announcement about the expulsion to President Rashid Ghannouchi Hamidti. Meeting with Blinken: We will have another call for dialogue! The NL Times newspaper revealed the duties of Dutch soldiers in Ukraine with pictures.. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Saudi Arabia Netanyahu met with the son of the Shah of Iran Moldovan airport officials stopped the leader of the Russian Tatarstan Republic to come down. aircraft (video) Al-Burhan: Hamidti led a coup attempt and rebellion against the state and controlled missiles in Military Industrialization stores to be tried (video) Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan granted amnesty for laid arms on the Rapid Support Forces officers and soldiers. intends to use its navy in all directions Egypt sells some land for dollars Egyptian television comments on a “mistake” in the broadcast of tarawih prayer and decides on this grand Egyptian plan to provide food for Egyptians Our Correspondent: Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan visited Syria today. Egypt will visit Egypt.. After an incident that caused chaos in Alexandria, the authorities made a series of decisions. Brazil rejects America’s criticism and defends its relations with Russia “Maxar”: Satellite images show at least 14 people destroyed The capital of Sudan Planes at the airport in Khartoum (photos) Stolen by a Egyptian hackers hacked the content of Holy Quran Radio and sold it abroad. .. Liverpool, Six points over Leeds Kiev: Canada plans to seize a giant Russian plane and give it to Ukraine Recent developments and effects of the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 17.04.2023/ Trump: If elected President, federal employees must pass a political test or be fired. The plane was shot down. How did the Americans kill the most famous Japanese military commander? The Grapes of Wrath massacre El-Sisi sent a message to the Egyptians and the Sheikh of Al-Azhar called for an end to the bloodshed in Tehran: the decision was made against the background of the shooting of a Ukrainian passenger plane in 2020, about international agreement Al-Mikdad: In Egypt It’s okay to sacrifice Syria in the short term to get Arab reunification to “liquidate” the problems. Al-Fitr.”Abu Jihad” guns fired 75 rounds each. How was the operation performed? Pentagon: American support for Kiev is not unlimited at every moment.. In the third day of the development of the conflict between the army and Rapid Support Forces in Sudan. Medvedev commented on Blinken’s avoidance of identifying the perpetrator of Hiroshima, and blaming Nagasaki Messi’s return to the team (video) Video from the cockpit of the Saudi plane documenting the moments of the Khartoum Airport shooting The Sultan of Oman issued a decree on the marriage of Omanis to foreigners 3 planes and the control of the presidential palace An American intelligence officer, Ukraine’s “sadness” because of Zelensky after the arrest of Ghannouchi shows its fate ..Tunisian security shut down the headquarters of the opposition Liberation Front. Fierce clashes in Khartoum and Omdurman amid Sudanese army flight. item.. Scientists reveal the reason Tibetans’ ability to survive Tunisian security forces stopped after the raid on Rashid Ghannouchi’s home. American officials discover an active “secret center” for the Chinese police in New York Putin arrives to inspect the Kherson axis “Dnepr” air force Crisis at headquarters Mani kicks off after Bayern misses two penalty shots Munich.. Klopp made an important decision about Mohamed Salah! The Sudanese Army’s Western Regional Command in Nyala is adding soldiers and equipment to its Rapid Support Forces, including an Arab country. Lavrov: Russia is interested in ending the crisis in Ukraine as soon as possible based on agreements, rival blocs led by the USA and China Reza Pahlavi: “The renewal of Iran-Israel relations is closer than ever” Why Ronaldo paints his toenails black?

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said US Ambassador to Moscow Lynn Tracy visited American journalist Ivan Gershkovitch, who is imprisoned in Russia on espionage charges.

Blinken confirmed that journalist Ivan Gershkovitch is in good physical and psychological health, citing Tracy.

“Ambassador Tracy was able to visit Gershkovich in prison in Moscow, and based on the information the ambassador gave me, I can say that he is in good physical and mental health,” Blinken said at a press conference after the meeting of foreign ministers of the G7 in Japan. We are currently continuing our calls for his immediate release.

On March 30, Russia’s Federal Security Service announced that Moscow’s “Wall Street Journal” reporter Ivan Gershkovich was arrested in Yekaterinburg on suspicion of spying on behalf of the US government.

According to the Russian intelligence service, Gershkovich collected classified information about the activities of a company affiliated with the Russian military-industrial complex, and the Lefortovo Court in Moscow decided to extend his detention for another two month.

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed that Gershkovich’s activities in Yekaterinburg had nothing to do with the press and noted that this was not the first time that foreigners in Russia disguised themselves as reporters, entry visas and journalists accreditation. to cover other activities.

Source: Novosti

Source: Arabic RT

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