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Pushkov mocks the pink shoes of Canadian politicians, exposes Ronaldo’s masseur, the Portuguese star Medvedev, reveals who is the main enemy of Russia, throwing them to crocodiles. A scientist couple brutally murdered by ISIS elements Sudan conflict background emerges: “USA is kicking Russia out of Africa” Hebrew newspaper: Israel worries about zero-sum game after of Iran-Jordan deal Iranian commander: We will punish any country that gives Israel a military base on its territory Russian helicopters in Kiev during Eid Scenes in al-Fitr where his forces destroyed sensitive fortifications (video) Prigozhin explains why forces delayed counter-offensive in Kiev A German minister and a party chairman received a “bellow-down” blow from his fellow Arab country. The Arab country announced that Saturday is the first day of Eid al-Fitr, Crimea.. Hearing the explosions, the president explained the reason. The King and heir of Jordan stopped to celebrate the Najda patrol on Eid al-Fitr ( video) Latest developments in the Russian military operation in Ukraine and its effects / 22.04.2023/ Saudi Disciplinary Committee resolves Federation the problem of the “Ronaldo incident” by announcing its decisions “Standard & Poor’s” lowers expectations from Russia Expectations about Egypt’s debt to Iran .. National Security Committee in Parliament, Abdullahian Prigozhin’ He denied the possibility of the expulsion of . Medvedev warned the German Defense Minister not to repeat the historic mistake. A transgender lawmaker causes controversy in the parliament of an American state Recent developments and effects of the night in the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 22.04.2023/ Iraq..rapist and murderer’s home destroyed in Basra (video) A Russian tank was destroyed embedded in the Ukrainian fortress network attacked and pursued the soldiers stationed there (video) Rare photos.. This is how the Saudis celebrated Eid al-Fitr 90 years ago in the presence of the founder A new wave of criticism against Zelensky among Twitter users after his statements on “common values” between Ukraine and Canada . An Egyptian commentary on the UAE’s intervention to resolve the crisis of Egyptian army soldiers in Sudan. A Ukrainian politician: the counterattack should be postponed indefinitely. An expert explained the goals of the attacks on the headquarters of the Ukrainian forces. The spokesperson of the Iranian Space Organization commented on the video of the explosion of Elon Musk’s spacecraft. Why do the Spanish spend it? 500 days of isolation in a cave, lost track of time?! Damascus urges Washington to pay compensation for “looting Syria’s oil and wealth” Egypt comments on change in “Standard & Poor’s” outlook on its economy ” Moscow condemns and prepares for Berlin’s decision to oust Russian diplomats. One of the reasons for its intelligence is a suitable cold. What is the content of Haaland’s magic drink? An unexpected win from Lavrov’s trip to Cuba Russian defense: liberation of new neighborhoods in Artyomovsk Russia expels more than 20 German diplomats US House of Representatives: Team Biden tries to hide computer crash Biden Jr. Italy goes to referendum to ban weapons in Ukraine Ukrainian media: listen Explosions heard in city of Zaporizhia.8 Trial of an Indian in Qatar on charges of spying on a secret submarine program in favor of Israel Zyuganov: Zelensky has become a clown a bloody puppet in the hands of the USA.Video) Biden of the US Congress gives Biden an ultimatum regarding Ukraine Moscow: After the conclusion of the strategic arms deal with Washington Prigozhin, we must prepare for all scenarios : Peskov’s son served as a flag for the “Wagner” forces in Ukraine Saudi Arabia announced that it has started organizing Saudi citizens and citizens of other countries His evacuation from Sudan is the Red Baron.. the craziest pilot in aviation history. The video is true, but.. The fact that Egypt sent aid to Sudan (video) A Russian doctor revealed the causes and severity of paresthesia in the fingers 244 million pounds.. The tuk-tuk driver Rogov: Most Ukrainian soldiers in Zaporizhia are returning to fight for Russia. What does 8 hours of solitude do? your body?! A “clumsy” act by the waiter ignited the fire. Two dead and 10 injured in a restaurant in Madrid Five “unknown” symptoms of dementia that need to be known to slow the progression of the disease Neymar has announced that his next destination, South Korea, has sent more than 300 more more troops in Sudan “SANA”: US forces escort a convoy full of stolen Syrian oil to their base in Iraq. A professional assassination in Kuala Lumpur.. “Ten bullets took his life.” Ukraine’s comprehensive counterattack plans revealed: Egypt, which threatens everything. Commodity prices are expected to increase after Eid Archimandrite, who was arrested in Turkey for allegedly stealing a valuable watch (video) How long does a person live?.. The answer may surprise you! 5 foods and drinks to avoid to stop bleeding! US Army Chief of Staff: 11,200 Ukrainian soldiers trained in Germany Warning sirens sounded simultaneously throughout Ukraine that the “shameful accusation” could prevent Messi’s return to Barcelona. has now sounded Warning in Ukraine’s Sumy, Kharkov and Chernigov provinces. Studies of Egyptian astronomy confirm the validity of the calculations and respond to the emerging controversy about the Shawwal crescent. “Mirror”: Liverpool star agrees Barcelona move Where did Egypt spend 1.13 trillion lira in 7 months? Russian-Syrian announces joint scientific discovery in Arabic on the subject..Ronaldo congratulates Muslims on Eid al-Fitr (video) Eid-al-Fitr is the highlight of the issue, which the President of Russia discussed in a conversation with phone the Saudi Crown Prince. Al-Amin Jamal, 15, on Barcelona’s roster for the Atletico match? Ukrainian forces are carrying out more than 20 raids in the Kursk region, with a Russian expert warning of a dangerous scenario for the West against Turkey if Erdogan wins the election. Short warning clip on the “Florida” nuclear submarine

Aleksey Pushkov, a member of the Council of the Russian Federation, said in a comment on the Telegram channel that Canadian politicians who showed pink shoes did not defend women, but on the contrary, caused a reaction in the media .

“Canadian politicians posing as women. They didn’t hide that it was a media hoax for transgender people, not to protect women from violence. With these advocates, everything is clear,” said Pushkov.

The Russian senator added to his post a photo of Canadian politicians who attended the event smiling for the camera.

According to Pushkov, the essence of this behavior seems to be far from the fight against violence, and Canadian politicians are probably looking for an excuse to wear pink shoes to do this method of “opening” with political motive.

Earlier, Canadian Transport Minister Omar Al-Ghabra posted a video on Twitter of a group of Canadian politicians appearing to wear pink women’s heels to support women and fight violence against to women.

Source: Novosti

Source: Arabic RT

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A transgender MP caused controversy in the American state parliament, masseuse Ronaldo exposed Portuguese star Medvedev, revealed that Russia’s archenemy, the Saudi Federation Disciplinary Committee made its decisions and the “Ronaldo affair” issue was resolved. For the first time in its history..Egypt’s exports to Germany exceeded the 1 billion-euro barrier. A grocery counter in Egypt: “I woke up and found myself with a debt of 244 million lira.” Iranian commander: We will punish any country that provides a military base on Israel’s own territory. 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Demolition of the house of the rapist and child killer in Basra (video) Ukrainian politician: The counterattack should be postponed indefinitely, Archimandrite accused of stealing an important watch , Turkey Arrested in (video) Russian tank raids Ukrainian fortification network and soldiers stationed there (video) Al-Hilal shocks fans with Saudi position Egypt collects a large amount of gold after “Ronaldo’s immoral act” Background of the conflict in Sudan revealed : “The USA is expelling Russia from Africa”Ukrainian media: Explosions were heard in the city of Zaporozhye American Parliament: The Biden team tried to hide the crash of Biden Jr.’s computer. of time?! 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