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Biden accidentally disclosed to the “Los Angeles Times” a “cheat sheet” with the picture and name of a female journalist. Enthusiastic general for US presidency: I will end the war with 25 nuclear bombs in 10 days An expert told RT Egyptian army equipment fate, Iran Council of Experts member Ayatollah Abbas talks about the murder of Ali Soleimani, security cameras watch the assassination of a member of the Council of Experts in Iran, Abbas Ali Soleimani, The latest developments and reflections of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in sa gabi / 26.04.2023 / Goodbye Africa ! Second Arab massacre in Andalusia! In response to the confiscation of Russian assets.. What foreign assets did Putin order to be confiscated? 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During a press conference in Washington with his South Korean counterpart, Yoon Sok Yul, US President Joe Biden accidentally showed the public a “cheat sheet” with the names of journalists to ask their questions.

The New York Post drew attention to this by capturing the moment when Biden accidentally moved a sheet of paper containing a picture of a recipe and a question that a reporter was going to ask him.

The first question is: “How can you relate your domestic policy priorities, such as reorienting the semiconductor industry, to an alliance-based foreign policy?”

It is worth noting that there is a photo of the Indian journalist Courtney Subramanian published in the “Los Angeles Times” above it, and also her last name is written in bold to avoid an embarrassing pronunciation for her. It was shown to President Biden with oral clips.

It is known that when a US president takes office, he presents a “cheat sheet” to the public in his speech to determine his actions and actions in public events.

Source: Novosti

Source: Arabic RT

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