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Live / “You will see us again”. After Belgorod Attack, Russian Anti-Kremlin Commander Leaves Threat

The commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps, one of the groups that claimed responsibility for the attack in Russia’s Belgorod border region, threatened to back off. Ukraine shot down 36 drones overnight.

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  • Ukraine reportedly shot down 36 drones overnight

    According to The Kyiv Independent, Russia launched an attack with 36 Iranian drones overnight. They will all have been shot down by Ukrainian forces. The same newspaper indicates that the objective was essential infrastructure and military installations.

    Crimea and Kiev will have been two targets of the air strikes, reported Mikhail Razvozhayev, governor of the occupied city of Sevastopol, and Sherhii Popko, head of the Military Administration of the city of Kiev, who explained that “all potential attacks were prevented here ”. .

  • The West did not supply the weapons used in the attack on Belgorod

    Denis Kapustin, commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps, one of the Russian anti-Kremlin militias that claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Belgorod, denied using US-supplied military equipment in that operation. “I know exactly where I got my weapons. Unfortunately, they did not come from Western partners,” said the leader, quoted by the English newspaper The Guardian.

  • Two anti-Kremlin groups claimed responsibility for the attack on Belgorod. “You will see us again”

    Following exchanges of accusations between Moscow and Kiev over an attack in the Belgorod region near Russia’s Ukrainian border on Wednesday, two Russian anti-Kremlin groups, the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Russian Freedom Legion, claimed responsibility for the attack. and left threats.

    “I think they will see us again on that side,” Denis Kapustin, commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps, told reporters across the border in Ukraine, quoted by The Guardian.

    “I cannot reveal things to come, nor can I reveal the direction. The border is quite long. Again, there will be a point where things heat up.”

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    drones. Zelensky appeals to the people of Iran not to be “accomplice in Russian terror”: “Not to be on the dark side of history”

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Source: Observadora

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