After the presentation of the last episode of the series “Kisser Adham” (script by Ali Al-Saleh, director Rasha Sharbatji and producers “Claket”, stars Karis Bashar, Fayez Kazak, Nadine Tahsin Bey ..) on month of Ramadan, some of them expect to present the second part of the work, which has prompted questions about its content, which discusses corruption in Syria. The finale of the drama events is open, which seems to indicate new episodes that could be shown in the next month’s post. However, Syrian director Rasha Sharbatji ended this news by refusing to show the second season of Kasr a Bone. In this context, Sharbatji announced on his social media pages that, after consulting with the Clacket Company, he decided not to present another season of the drama project to avoid repetition and boredom. On the other hand, Sharbatji announced that the Syrian production company has decided to work on a new series, the details of which will be revealed soon. Sharbatji said: “It was a special partnership with Clacket that provided all the support to complete this series. But in the end we decided to do another new project instead of doing another part of the series so as not to fall into the trap of repetition. ”

Qasr Bone has been included in several accusations, including an allegation by writer Fuad Hamira of stealing a work from his Hayat Malha series that was supposed to go viral many years ago but was still delayed before the news came. that Hamira dismissed these allegations and entered into a peace agreement with the creators of the series.