George Wassuf has never been immune to rumors. The wrong news has always been about his health after he suffered a stroke in 2011 that affected the movement of his leg and arm and forced him to disappear from the artistic scene for almost three years.

Thus, “Abu Wadih” (as he likes to be called) has been the subject of rumors for years. But the Syrian star has always been silent about this news, ignoring it.
A few weeks ago, similar news resurfaced after Sultan Al-Tarab appeared at a party as part of the Jeddah Season in Saudi Arabia, leaning on crutches. Questions arose about his health and the possibility of him continuing to sing and revive the celebrations.
Until a few hours ago, he loved and entertained fans in his own way. He surprised his followers with a tweet where he said, “To not broadcast the wrong news. Last week I was hospitalized and had a vocal cord hysterectomy. The operation was successful.”
In this context, the information indicates that the owner of the song “Kalam El Nas” is recovering and will meet his fans in Jordan on August 8 before he has other dates that will be announced later in the context of his Arabic tours.