Egyptian child Zain Al Homsani achieved his country’s achievement in motorsport by placing seventh in the Rotex Max European Kart Racing Championship, completing a road to success that began several years ago.

Zayn is 11 years old but in a short time he has been able to establish a strong position in the racing world as he was crowned for the third time in the UAE Karting Championship last March to qualify for the World Championship to be held. this November, in addition to its historic participation in the Rotex Max race in Europe.

In a statement to Sky News Arabia, Zain expressed his joy at being the first Egyptian child to finish seventh in this World Cup and his pride in achieving these successes for the sake of my country, indicating that he aims to achieve a better position in the coming times after getting a lot of experience during the experience.

He added that this was his first participation in all European Championship races, and that he was keen to arrive early to test the race track in his car, thanking his family in advance, who took care of his expenses in an attempt to help. support him.

It is noteworthy that the European Championship took place over several months, from April last year to July this year, as it started in the Belgian city of Genk, and then in the French city of Argenton, and ended in Marburg in Germany.

Zane revealed that he wanted to take two replicas of his kart car to race one and use the other in an emergency, and that his car is a Formula car type but smaller and has been used by many of the big names in the racing world. like Michael Schumacher.

Regarding the preparation that preceded his participation in the championship, Zane explains that he trained a lot with his team in the UAE, where he lives with his family, and watched all available videos on those races and the nature of each track, in addition to physical exercises for maintaining the physical form necessary for these types of competitions.

At the end of his speech, he emphasized that this sport requires a lot of courage and experience, as it involves certain risks, but the FIA ​​is committed to taking all measures to keep the participants.