Earlier this year, Bahaa Hariri, who directed Sawt Beirut International and replaced Jerry Maher, ended his partnership with MTV chairman Michel Murr, where he filmed most of his programs. So, Hariri left Vision Studio and moved to shoot his projects in one of the studios located in Mansourieh district (Matn district). At the same time, Hariri made several promises, including moving the Voice of Beirut International team to offices in downtown Beirut. Since most of the platform’s employees do not work here based on labor contracts, the decision to live in the center of Beirut is suitable for them, as they are looking for continuity in their work at a time when the economy, problems dominate political and media. too.

However, Hariri’s promises seem to have fizzled, and South Beirut International’s financial problems have piled up and worsened. In this context, some information tells us that the employees of the platform did not receive their salary for almost two months before they received it a few days ago after the voices of employees demanding their rights to raise Sources indicated that a few weeks ago, Hariri stopped the projects of Sawt Beirut International and suspended all its arts and entertainment programs and simply followed this policy. Information indicates that these artworks will not return to the platform in the near future, but Hariri and Jerry Maher are considering canceling them entirely, as Hariri’s goals are political.
In the same bank, information indicates that Hariri will not expand “Sawt Beirut International” at this time, instead postponing the decision to locate his offices in the center of Beirut due to the financial problems he is experiencing, especially’ t Bahaa failed in the political arena. following the latest parliamentary elections.