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Strike by prison guards in the prison attached to the PJ now also reaches the Monsanto prison

The strike by prison guards at the establishment attached to the headquarters of the Judicial Police (PJ), in Lisbon, lasted another month and now also affects the guards at the Monsanto prison, also in the capital.

According to the Lisbon coordinator of the National Union of the Penitentiary Guards Corps, Frederico Morais, in statements to Lusa, the prior notice of the strike of the prison guards who work in the prison attached to the PJ, which began on December 19 and which It was supposed to end this Saturday, it was renewed until January 31 and will also cover the guards of Monsanto’s special high-security establishment.

This strike concerns the safety and working conditions of the prison guard.

In statements to Lusa on December 20, Frederico Morais harshly criticized the director of the prison attached to the PJ, Fátima Corte, and her re-election for another three years by the General Directorate for Reinsertion and Penitentiary Services (DGRSP).

“There was a riot in October and the Prison Security and Intervention Group had to go to restore order. The riot was caused by the lack of food and the director ordered pizzas for the selected prisoners the following week”, said the union coordinator for Lisbon and the autonomous regions.

Also according to the person in charge, in October a one-week strike was scheduled due to the lack of organization and security of the penitentiary establishment”, but “it did not result in anything”.

The union leader said that the prison is currently experiencing an overcrowded situation, since it “serves 116 people and has about 160”, clarifying that only 27 guards are stationed in that establishment.

Source: Observadora

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