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Macron promises that France and Europe will support the Ukrainians in 2023

French President Emmanuel Macron promised the Ukrainians this Saturday, in the traditional New Year message, that France and Europe will be by their side in 2023 and hailed the “heroic” effort of the population against the Russian invasion.

“We respect and admire you. Your fight in defense of your country is heroic and inspires us. During the year that now begins, we will be by your side without fail. We will help you win and we will be together to build a just and lasting peace,” said the French president in a New Year’s message to the country broadcast on television from the Élysée Palace.

“It has France and it has Europe,” he added.

The war in Ukraine and its aftermath figured prominently in the traditional New Year’s speech by the French president, who took the opportunity to review many of the challenges experienced in 2022 and appeal to French “unity” and “solidarity” to face the 2023.

“France and Europe have an eminent role to play at this moment in our humanity, when so many authoritarian regimes trample our democracies and their foundations,” he stressed.

“Crisis, my dear compatriots, together we have overcome many. I know that we are capable of overcoming the challenges that lie ahead. […]. Together we will get ahead, ”she said.

Source: Observadora

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