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The balance of the direct debt of the State increases around 3% to 286,600 million euros, according to the IGCP

The balance of direct State debt increased by around 3% to 286,627 million euros in February compared to January, the IGCP – Treasury and Public Debt Management Agency – announced on Monday.

In the monthly bulletin for March, the institution indicates that the 2.91% increase in the balance of direct State debt is mainly due to the increase in the balance of Treasury Bonds by 4,849 million euros.

At the end of February, the balance of direct State debt thus amounted to 286,627 million euros.

The debt of families, companies and the State falls by 5,000 million in October

According to the IGCP, the balance of Savings Certificates (CA) increased by 2,559 million euros, while the balance of Treasury Certificates (TC) decreased by 570 million euros.

The agency also explains that, “incorporating the effect of the favorable exchange rate of the derivative hedge, corresponding to the notional value of the equity hedge swaps, which amounted to 616 million euros in February”, the total value of the debt after exchange hedging stood at 286,011 million euros, increasing 2.9% compared to the previous month

Source: Observadora

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