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PCP defends that the war in Iraq represented a “quantum leap” in the US imperialist strategy.

Recalling the 20 years since the start of the conflict, the PCP considered that the US assumed a “new imperialist position” when it participated in the Iraq war and that it was based on a “campaign of lies.”

This Monday, the PCP marked the 20th anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq, stressing that this conflict “represented a new qualitative leap” in the US imperialist strategy, which translates to a “siege of the Russian Federation”.

In a statement, the PCP press office notes that the war in Iraq constituted “an open violation of international law and of the sovereignty of that country” and it was launched “on the basis of a campaign of lies”, that is, regarding the existence of weapons of mass destruction, “which, in the end, did not exist”.

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For the PCP, this conflict “represented a new qualitative leap in the strategy of imposing by force the planetary hegemony of North American imperialism, after the disappearance of the Soviet Union.”

“It was a crime that made it very clear that the aggressive strategy of the United States of America and its allies is directed at all countries that assert their sovereignty and independence, regardless of their social and economic systems,” the statement read.

It is in this context, according to the PCP, that “imperialism promotes an escalation of confrontation and war, specifically in Ukrainewhich includes the siege of the Russian Federation and, increasingly openly, of the People’s Republic of China, which implies the real danger of a world catastrophe”.

“Capitalism in deep crisis always finds billions to finance the war and bury in its financial system plunged into endless crises,” he says.

Regarding the war in Iraq, the PCP recalls that the conflict “resulted in millions of deaths and injuries” and destroyed the infrastructure and economy of “one of the most developed countries in the Middle East.”

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“None of those responsible for the destruction and occupation of Iraq, or associated crimes such as ignoble torture in US prisons in Iraq – of which Abu Ghraib was the darkest example – have ever been held to account for their crimes of war and its lies”, he emphasizes.

The PCP emphasizes that, on the contrary, “the servile and collaborators were rewarded with this policy of war and lies”, giving the example of former Prime Minister Durão Barroso who, according to the party, after having “shamefully tied Portugal to the war and occupation of Iraq”he was “promoted to president of the European Commission the following year.”

For the party, “the war and occupation of Iraq by the United States of America and its allies is just one of many examples of the strategy of war and confrontation promoted by US imperialism.”

“Those who now assume themselves as immaculate defenders of international law and of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States, are the same ones who decided, implemented or supported these and many other violations of the UN Charter and the rights of peoples, leaving behind him a trail of chaos and destruction that remains to this day”, he criticizes.

Source: Observadora

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