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Bank unions demand that CGD apply an additional salary increase of 1%

The banking unions Mais, SBC and SBN announced this Thursday that they rejected the agreement with Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) demanding that the bank apply the additional salary increase of 1% announced by the Government for this year.

“CGD made a clean slate of the rules transmitted by the guardianship, refusing to update the AE [Acordo Empresa] for another 1%”, say in a statement the unions of the financial sector (Mais), the Union of Bank Employees of the Center (SBC) and the Union of Workers of the Financial Sector of Portugal (SBN).

Given the position of the public bank, the unions “did not give their assent to the agreementconsidering that CGD is in a position to apply this surcharge, which clearly will not have an impact on their accounts, but it is fair for the workers”, can be read in the press release.

“Convinced that the CGD will recognize that their workers deserve it and that the unions are right to fight for the improvement of their living conditions, they are waiting for the public bank to reconsider your position and fulfill your responsibilities”union structures stand out.

The unions refer that, in March, in the previous negotiation meeting of the AE of CGD, an increase of 76 euros was proposed in the salary scale and a 5% increase for most pecuniary concepts, with the exception of the food subsidy. (12 50 euros), birth allowance (900 euros), student worker allowance (24.74 euros) and housing loan (250,000 euros).

The proposal was not accepted by the unions. by defended that CGD was in a position to go further, particularly in view of the benefits announced.

About two weeks ago, the CGD Group Company Employees Union (STEC) also denounced CGD’s “refusal” to apply the extraordinary 1% increase announced by the Government, requesting executive intervention.

The Government announced in March a provisional salary increase of 1% for the public administration this year, as well as an increase from 5.20 euros to 6 euros in the food subsidy, given the higher-than-expected increase in inflation.

On May 17, the Ministry of Finance announced that it had given instructions to companies in the State Business Sector to process the additional salary increase for public companies, which includes CGD, according to the unions.

CGD increases its benefits by 45% and sees, for the moment, a “perfectly controlled situation” in credit. The dividend will be added to the delivery of the headquarters to the State

Source: Observadora

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