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ANA defends the tariff proposal and justifies it with inflation and adjustments from previous years

ANA (Aeroportos de Portugal) defended the increases in airport taxes it proposed for 2024, most of them less than one euro. justifying them with inflation and increases from previous yearsaccording to a note sent to Lusa.

In the document, the manager indicated that the “definition of rates results from the application of the economic regulation formulas of Annex 12 of the concession contract, which has been public knowledge since 2012.”

According to ANA, the contract foresees “a global evolution aligned with inflation, adding rates that were not collected in previous years“, highlighting that “the context of high inflation significantly impacts the operating and investment costs of airports.” Monday’s Jornal de Negócios reported that ANA wanted to increase fares in Lisbon by around 18% next year.

The manager highlighted that the proposed rate changes (excluding rate adjustments from previous years) stay less than one euro in all airportswith the exception of Lisbon and Madeira, less than two euros.

ANA plans to invest “tens of millions of euros” in the Ponta Delgada and Horta airports

Thus, according to the ANA, the The proposed increase for Lisbon is 1.92 euros., plus 0.5 euros for adjustments to fees not collected in previous years. For Porto, the proposal includes an increase of 0.63 euros plus 0.35 euros of adjustments.

ANA proposed an increase of 0.63 euros for Faro, plus 0.31 euros corresponding to adjustments from previous years. In the Azores the proposed increase is 0.63 euros and in Madeira it is 1.08 euros, the manager stated.

The company justified that “these values ​​represent a minimum part of the total value of airline tickets”, highlighting that “as an example, the increase proposed for Lisbon corresponds to less than 1% of the average value of a plane ticket at Lisbon airport“.

ANA also said that “between 2019 and 2023, according to industry sources, fees charged by airlines at European airports increased by more than 30%,” while “airport fees increased by only 7%.”

ANA also highlighted that “the evolution of ticket prices represent a more significant increase” than “the evolution of rates”ensuring that “the increase in ticket prices also reflects the congestion situation at Lisbon airport, which is why the decision on the expansion of airport capacity in the Lisbon region is essential.”

For ANA, “the evolution of fares and ticket prices has not harmed the competitiveness of Portuguese airports”, highlighting that “Portugal is one of the countries that airport traffic is recovering better after the pandemic“.

The manager also highlighted “ANA Aeroportos de Portugal’s incentive plan for airlines for route diversification and efficient use of infrastructure capacity” and said that “this proposal includes an incentive mechanism for aircraft with lower carbon emissions.” , in line with ANA/Vinci’s environmental policy and the promotion of decarbonization in the aviation sector.”

Last year, the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) considered that the proposal by ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal that the rates come into force in 2023 was too high. and suspended the process until the dealership changed the values.

Thus, ANA’s airport fees increased an average of 3.86% this year, and not 10.81% as initially proposed and rejected by the regulator, according to a deliberation of the Executive Committee, published on the airport manager’s official website. in February. The ANAC has not yet ruled on this year’s proposal.

Source: Observadora

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